door-seal-1-e1462370726269-600x600Many components go into a fully-functioning loading dock.  By combining reliable installation, scheduled maintenance, and quality equipment, you can ensure that your loading dock area is up to peak performance.

Wondering what components are beneficial at a loading dock?  Read our guide below and learn about loading dock equipment in Toronto with NEX Industrial Inc!

Dock Levelers

Dock levelers serve as a bridge between the trailer and the building to allow fast, efficient loading and unloading.  They can accommodate the various height differences between the two.  Dock levelers operate by hydraulic, mechanical, or air systems.  They are available in various sizes and weight capacities to suit all types of applications.

Truck Restraints

A trailer or truck restraint is a key safety system at a loading dock.  They will lock/secure trailers in position at the loading dock to prevent the trailer from being pulled away from the loading dock unexpectedly and ensure the safety of all involved.  They can be operated automatically with communication lights and sensors to prevent any miscommunication between the truck driver and the warehouse employees.

Dock Seals

Dock seals are installed between the trailer and building.   They prevent air, rain, snow and intruders from entering the building.  There are several types and styles of seals and shelters to suit specific sizes, building layouts and applications, helping to reduce heating and cooling costs, keeping your employees positive and comfortable, while protecting your building and your product.

Rain Shrouds

Rain shrouds are installed on the wall above the loading dock door.  They help keep rain and snow from entering above the trailer and loading area.  A foam wiper-style pad creates a tight seal against the top of the trailer.  Ideal for Canadian climates.

Traffic Lights

Green and Red internal and external traffic lights are an important addition to your loading dock procedures.  They can easily be added to existing equipment to automatically communicate to the truck drivers and internal operators whether it is safe to move or not.  A simple and very effective system to enhance safety around your loading dock area.

There are an abundance of additional options that complement operations, safety, and protection in and around the loading dock area.

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