Nex Industrial supplies, installs, and services loading dock equipment in the GTA, including dock-levelers, door seals, door shelters, doors and more. Nex Industrial is very proud of our latest project.  As you can see by the ‘before’ picture alone, the client’s rear loading dock area was in need of a complete overhaul.”  The walls, concrete floors, and door frames were completely damaged.  In addition, the holes and gaps exposed all of the outside elements to the employees and merchandise inside.






What Was Done?

The dock-levelers were in bad shape and needed to be completely removed for repair or replacement. The dock-pits were then reformed with new steel angles and concrete. The complete dock projection was also cantilevered from the building to offset the downward grade of the driveway, which had caused the transport-trailers to hit and damage the building initially.

The door openings received new steel jambs, lintels, and supports. New wall insulation was added under new steel siding, which was made to match the existing colour and design. This was all finished off with new door seals to ensure weather and temperature protection inside the facility.  We also added new bumpers and steel-bollards both inside and outside the building to protect the client’s new investment.

You will also notice the addition of a concrete dolly-pad to the left loading-dock bay; this was added to support the size of the custom containers that are received at this facility.  

Our client is very excited about their newly renovated loading area, as are the employees who now have a work facility to be proud of.

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