When your overhead doors aren’t working at your facility, it sets back production, which can cost you in so many ways.  Making sure that your facility’s doors are well maintained will keep them in top shape and ensure you get the most out of your investment.  Keep reading for our tips on maintaining industrial overhead doors. 

3 Tips for Maintaining Industrial Doors in the Summer

Observation: Sometimes it can be easy to spot a potential issue if you take a moment to look at your doors.  Take a quick look to ensure that there aren’t any parts coming loose or missing, make sure the cables aren’t splitting and that the door operates smoothly; meaning that it doesn’t get stuck while in operation, opens and closes evenly, etc.  If you notice any damage or suspect an issue, call our 24 hour service-line and we’ll send a technician to your site within 4 hours.

Preventative maintenance: Scheduling a preventative maintenance appointment at least twice a year is the best way to minimize breakdowns and that your industrial doors last for years.  During the inspection, a certified technician will perform a detailed inspection of the doors for signs of damage, wear and for potential problems.  Small issues can be fixed during the inspection and you will be notified immediately of any safety related matters that need attention.  A preventative maintenance inspection can help to spot problems before they manifest, and save you from expensive, unscheduled downtime.  

Check seals: While weather seals are a great way to keep exterior air and debris outside where it belongs, it doesn’t last forever.  Over time your weather seals are going to experience some wear and tear, especially if your doors are in use multiple times a day.  Having them replaced ensure that energy bills don’t skyrocket and unwanted pests can’t enter the building and affect operations.  We also have options to add additional seals to suit various environments.

Having issues with your overhead doors in the GTA? Need to schedule a preventative maintenance inspection? Give us a call at 1-866-400-2050 today.