Preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace is always a priority, no matter what industry you’re in. Loading dock area can be high risk for potential accidents if proper safety measures are not taken. Luckily, there are several procedures you can incorporate to greatly increase the safety of everyone. Loading docks

Repairing your loading dock equipment is essential in ensuring your loading dock area is safe. If you’re looking for top quality repairs and equipment in Toronto, check out our loading dock equipment options. Keep reading to find out how to reduce the risk of accidents at loading docks.  

Loading Dock Hazards

Loading dock equipment that is in poor condition is a safety risk and needs to be fixed immediately, before it becomes a bigger problem. Some conditions that are safety warning signs include:

Along with daily inspections by staff, it’s essential to have a professional perform a planned maintenance service inspection to ensure that the equipment is safe, and to adhere to Ministry regulations.

Controlling Hazards

Clear signage and throughways need to be established to avoid any potential hazards. This includes:

Repair or Replace Worn Equipment

Loading Dock equipment needs to be working as per original manufacturer’s specifications or you risk several potential hazards.

Examples of these hazards include;

During the winter, make sure your weather-seals around your docks and doors are working properly and you should consider adding extra insulation to your loading dock areas or add air-barriers; this will keep your employees comfortable from cold drafts during shipments.

Loading and Unloading Procedures

There are several safety procedures you should be following when loading and unloading trucks. These include:

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