Falls make up over half a million workplace related injuries, accidents, and deaths each year globally. Slips and trips occur in all industries and are among the most common causes of injuries in the workplace. Keeping a safe workplace requieres following safety regulations and best practices.

Industrial manufacturing, warehouses, and distribution centers can have hundreds of thousands of square feet of production that are prone to dangerous slips and falls. Slips occur where there is not enough friction or traction between a person’s footwear and floor surface. This risk is heightened when surfaces are wet from cleaning, spills, and daily foot traffic. In most cases, the flooring surface is an important factor in the incident. Knowing what kind of flooring will prevent slips and trips and is best suited to the conditions of a particular workplace will help reduce injuries. 


Anti-slip and anti-skid materials are tough layers of plastic or rubber commonly used to prevent instances of unwanted movement for people or objects. Most flooring materials are relatively slip-resistant when dry. However, contaminants — such as water, dust, oil, or solvents — can substantially reduce floor traction. Traction is also greatly reduced when a surface such as concrete, vinyl, and timber has been polished. What gives flooring its slip resistance is its grit (or aggregate) surface, which provides traction through the presence of hard, rough edges that grip footwear.


Our Safeguard® Hi-Traction® flooring solutions boast the industry standard of 0.5 COF, which ensures both cleanability and high grip. It is environmentally friendly, extremely hardy against wear, fire retardant, non conductive and has a UV-stable protective coating. NEX Industrial’s solutions provide a tough, abrasion resistant, non-flexible trafficable coating in an attractive textured finish all-in-one can, making it easy to apply in both indoor and outdoor applications. The process is also completely non-intrusive to business activities, as our professionals can apply and set up during and outside of business hours without affecting productivity levels. The process itself is seamless and our professionals are skilled in their trade, so we guarantee to get it right the first time.


When your employees are worried about tripping or falling, it can lower morale and productivity. Opting for Anti-Slip flooring will give them and you the assurance that they are safe at work and when a work environment is made safe, productivity goes up. 

Anti-Slip flooring is easy to maintain, can withstand harsh weather conditions, and offers resistance to heavy foot traffic. These qualities offer an opportunity to implement a long-term flooring solution with minimal retrofitting. The anti-slip coating will maintain its modern look and durability for years to come without needing replacement.

When you opt for Anti-Slip flooring, you can save a lot of money in the long run. Additionally, you can cut down on maintenance costs, administrative expenses and protect the reputation of your facility or building. 
As with anything that involves people’s safety, the question of how to prevent slips, trips, and falls at work is best answered best by the experts. NEX Industrial’s safeguard technology and custom Anti-Slip Hi-Traction® solutions focus on each facility’s specific needs. Your business, your facility, and your workers deserve the best possible safety standards and the highest quality products to achieve those standards