Our Nex team welcomes its newest addition to the service fleet.  

A reliable fleet of trucks is crucial to surpass our client’s’ expectations and to achieve our goal of service-response within 4-hours.

At Nex Industrial, we not only sell and install commercial doors and equipment; we also provide fast service, especially for high speed door maintenance all throughout the GTA.  We pride ourselves on our quick and responsive customer service.  When you call Nex, a live person answers your calls every time, day or night, and will dispatched one of our experienced service technicians to your site within 4 hours.

At NEX Industrial we are proud to offer:

There’s nothing more frustrating than when you need help and are put on hold for several more minutes, only to get through and have to talk to a machine.  We know that when customers call for support, they expect that their service provider responds quickly and they get the repair they need fixed safely, without having to wait around.

Our service technicians are trained to safely repair and install all of the equipment that Nex supplies.  Our trucks are equipped with the proper tools and parts to perform a majority of the repairs on the first call to site.

We value good communication and believe that it’s the most important part of being a service provider.  We keep you informed and up to date on every project, every service call, maintenance appointment, and more. This ensures that we are all working together and each person involved in the process knows their part and what to expect.

For responsive customer support on your doors and equipment, give Nex Industrial a call at 1-866-400-2050 now and we’ll see you in 4 hours or less!