With the colder seasons well underway, it’s time to take the necessary steps to ensure that your facility’s industrial doors remain functional throughout the fall breeze and extreme winter temperatures. Because industrial doors are crucial to keeping your facility both secure and accessible to employees, the last thing they need is ice and snow gusting through slow and unmaintained doors, freezing equipment, and creating hazardous working conditions.

Continued use of outdated doors throughout the colder seasons could lead to a necessary shut down of your entire facility, until damages are fixed and/or new industrial doors are installed.  By adopting a proactive approach, you can avoid costly downtimes, and have operations proceed smoothly, thanks to industry-grade, weatherproof industrial doors.

Here are some quick tips for maintaining the quality and performance of the industrial doors in your facility:


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Update your Insulation with Weather Seals

Check jams for failed enclosures along the edges and in each corner of your industrial doors. If they cannot fully close, heat is escaping, which means you’ll end up wasting energy to keep your facility operating at suitable temperatures. This temperature variance also creates uncomfortable working conditions, and ultimately affects the productiveness of employees.

To avoid this, we offer standard and custom weather seals in a variety of materials, lengths, and widths to cater to the type of doors your industrial facility operates with. Our weather seals ensure you have the extra insulation you need before the cold hits hard.

Ensure Quick Functioning Industrial Doors to Protect Quality of Merchandise

Keep your merchandise and other assets protected from weather damage by ensuring your doors can open and close quickly. If any of your items are temperature-sensitive, you’re putting the value of your goods at risk, risking the integrity of your business. Accidents can happen on-site, but the weather should never be a hazard to asset safety.

Our high speed overhead doors provide an all-purpose solution to exterior elements that pose threats to your industrial facility. Keep your work climate regulated, the environment dry, and materials hygienic and out of reach from pests. If you already use high speed doors, make sure to book a preventative maintenance inspection with us to inspect your doors for any red flags that call for repair, before they slow you down.

Why Prevention Beats Fixing

Ensuring that your your industrial doors are ready for winter before it comes will be more convenient and cost-effective. Having to wait for emergency service will halt the operation of your business for an unknown length of time, and will be more difficult to fix under harsh weather conditions during winter.

The fall and winter months are when you need to prioritize and reassess your industrial doors. Are these doors in good working condition? Do you have the right doors?  Is there are better, more cost effective door to invest in?

With a convenient maintenance team offering 24/7 service in Toronto and in the GTA, we have your facility’s best interest in mind. Even if your doors seem to be functioning fine at the moment, our preventative maintenance program is in place to identify the hazards you may overlook.  The program also gives you the chance to see how your industrial doors can be further optimized for an increase in productivity all season long.  Do what’s best for your industrial business this season, and give your doors the maintenance they need for a strong winter performance.

Can your industrial doors handle winter?  Beat the snow, and invest in an industrial door maintenance program in Toronto to avoid costly unscheduled downtime before winter strikes!  Call our 24/7 on-demand service line at 1-866-400-2050.