Warehouses can have a lot of foot traffic at the busiest work hours, with workers constantly using different doors to come in or out. With outdoor high-speed doors installed in your warehouse, it can help enhance the safety and productivity of your facility, ensuring its longevity and energy efficiency consumption from several different functions. The intricate design of industrial high-speed doors integrates with your warehouses’ traffic movements and reliability in high usage, especially when there are pedestrians, forklifts, automated conveyors, or other vehicles involved. 

At NEX Industrial, we’re a company that provides businesses with industrial gates and sliding grills for security at many of their warehouse facilities. We also offer 24-hour sales and installation services, along with special rebates to encourage energy efficiency and help you save more money for your business. Contact our team today to learn more about installation steps and price quotes for commercial outdoor high-speed doors.

High-speed doors for outdoor settings are an essential part of your warehouse building. Here are a few ways they can best be utilized under the right circumstances. 

Where Can High-Speed Rolling Doors Be Used?

High-speed rolling doors can be used at various entryways and exit points in a large warehouse facility. Any high-speed rolling doors should be kept closed for the maximum time, with good perimeter, energy, and temperature sealing through any opening. These doors reduce any energy loss or cross-contamination risks that come with frequent openings and closings. They can meet all your energy and hygienic objectives for your business without sacrificing productivity or ease of access. 

High-speed rolling doors are also an optimal solution for your warehouse facility’s industrial barrier initiatives. By automatically opening and closing at quick and safe paces, these high-speed doors can help improve your facility’s energy use and safety levels. There are, however, many different types of commercial doors on the market, with their own functionality, purpose, and restrictions, 

High-speed doors are used almost everywhere in a warehouse facility. Examples can include load-in and load-out doors, food production doorways, coolrooms and freezers, and so much more. Moreover, the doors can be made to match the aesthetics of the building to complement the security of the building and insulate heat and noise. For example, if you want to keep your warehouse mundane and inconspicuous, we can help install high-speed doors that can be camouflaged with subdued colours.  

Of course, this can all depend on whether you are installing indoor or outdoor high-speed rolling doors. 

What’s The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor High-Speed Rolling Doors?

Despite their similarities, indoor and outdoor high-speed rolling doors each serve a different purpose, with regard to the quantity of traffic moving in and out of your facility. Outdoor high-speed doors are better for your warehouse if you are looking for something that can withstand certain levels of impact from equipment use or environmental factors. 

Different high-speed rolling doors are manufactured from different materials and result in varying degrees of strength and thickness. Indoor high-speed doors can have a general thickness of around 60 millimetres while outdoor doors are built thicker at around 100 millimetres. Meanwhile, exterior doors are very often made to be “driven down” rather than “gravity down,” which means that it adds more stability to the bottom of the door during impact. They’re also more effective at combating environmental elements like heavy wind or rain. 

Although indoor and outdoor high-speed doors can perform the same function, we’ll make sure you have the right ones installed to ensure your employees can work efficiently in your warehouse. 

Why Should I Choose NEX Industrial To Install My Doors?

Commercial high-speed door systems are durable features for your warehouse facility that can limit pests and dust from going in and controlling temperatures to moderate levels. They’re also really energy-efficient, helping you avoid heating or cooling and limiting your energy usage. By working with our team at NEX Industrial, you are being offered reliable installation services and high-quality products for your warehouse facility. 

Our team has the knowledge and experience to effectively install high-speed doors for your building, while also helping you get special rebates to save your business money. We are fully committed to delivering exceptional customer service and ensuring all the businesses we work with are satisfied with the results. 

Contact NEX Industrial to ask about our high-speed door systems and if they’re right for your warehouse facility. Work with us today to take advantage of special rebates for your facility and improve your warehouse’s energy efficiency now!