Hi-Speed Vinyl DoorsChoosing an overhead door for your facility in the GTA depends on the daily applications that you plan on using the door for.  Many overhead doors come in multiple models, are customizable, and are suitable for different industries.  Depending on your industry, you can design and customize an overhead door to best suit your needs.

High-speed vinyl doors are mainly used for temperature and climate control but can be used in several other industrial environments.  Keep reading to learn more about high-speed vinyl doors, and their features and benefits.

At NEX Industrial, we offer turnkey services for industrial overhead doors in the GTA.  This means we assist in the project design, construction, and installation of your doors, as well as perform regular maintenance and repairs to optimize their performance.  For a quote in the GTA call 1 866-400-2050 today, or contact us online.

High-Speed Vinyl Doors

NEX Industrial’s high-speed vinyl doors are an economical solution for environmental separation and temperature control in manufacturing facilities and warehouses.  The typical, everyday applications for vinyl rolling doors include pharmaceutical supply rooms, refrigeration, food processing, loading dock openings, freezers, pollutants or dust from automation/electrical, or other areas where environmental separation is a must.


Modular panels: The doors have interchangeable panels which allow for quick and easy repairs of damaged panels; the panels can easily slide in and out of place, eliminating the need for repairing/replacing the entire door.  

Extruded aluminum wind bars: Wind bars provide up to 50% stronger support than others in the industry.  The high-strength stiffeners protect against the wind and negative pressure.

Breakaway bars: Breakaway bars prevent the vinyl door from completely breaking when hit. The bottom bar releases upon impact and can be easily reset into position for immediate use.

Extruded aluminum guide tracks: These tracks guide the door with inserts which reduce friction and prevent aluminum dust from forming.

Safety Options: There are several safety options, such as photo-eyes and pneumatic reversing edges to ensure that the overhead vinyl doors will not injure workers or damage products.


Better environmental separation: These high-speed doors prevent pollutants from entering your facility.  These include dirt, dust, insects, debris, and other airborne particles. Vinyl overhead doors also act as a noise barrier, which reduces sound transmission to promote a more positive working environment.  Vinyl overhead doors also act as a physical barrier, which can deter theft and trespassing.

Decreased energy costs: These overhead doors separate differing temperatures within a facility, which allow air conditioning and furnace systems to operate more efficiently.  In cold storage and refrigeration environments, high-speed vinyl doors can decrease the running time for the compressor.  The high-speed operation works to conserve energy and reduce climate fluctuations.

Increased safety: Clear vision panels can easily be added to any vinyl roll-up door to create a better line of sight through the opening while promoting light transmission.  This makes for better visibility in the area, decreasing the risk of accidents or damage.  

Large Variety of sizes and models: NEX Industrial’s high-speed vinyl doors are perfect for applications up to 16 feet wide and 16 feet high. There are several different models that suit different applications ranging from freezers to pharmaceutical storage.

Fast and efficient: As the name would suggest, these doors have high speeds of up to 60” per second, ensuring that your facility’s controlled environment is not compromised.

High-quality materials: The vinyl overhead doors are made from a polyester woven material. This material is both flexible and resistant to impacts, abusive environments, and other damage.

Easy installation and maintenance: The sleek profile of these doors allows for easy installation and minimal maintenance.  There are no cables, pulleys, hinges, or counterbalance springs in these doors, which means that they are less likely to break down due to worn components, eliminating excessive downtime.  

Looking to install high-speed vinyl doors in your facility?  NEX Industrial offers turnkey services for overhead doors in the GTA. Give us a call at 1 866-400-2050 to get a quote today.