Fall is the perfect time to start getting ready for winter, and that includes your overhead doors and related loading dock equipment.  It is recommended that you get your equipment checked twice a year; once before the winter, and then again after, and even more frequently based on overall usage.  Don’t leave your Preventative Maintenance appointment to the last minute – schedule it today by calling 1-866-400-2050. Check list note paper

If you need your overhead doors serviced or repaired in Etobicoke, NEX Industrial is here to assist you.  Keep reading for more details about what goes into a preventative maintenance pre-winter checklist.  

Environment Inspection

The purpose of this inspection is to check around the area of the doors, gates, and related equipment to ensure that the area is free from any hazards.  One example of a potential hazard is equipment or products being in the way and blocking your staff from entering and exiting the doors.  Another potential issue is oil or water leaks on the floor, which can easily result in injury. Either of these make the areas around your door a hazard.  Addressing these issues ahead of time will yield positive results.downtime.

Energy loss is a big money loss.  Make sure you have all weather seals around your loading docks and doors repaired or replaced before the cold season begins.

We call also provide custom weather-seals to seal various gaps and air loss throughout your facility.

Parts Inspection

This inspection takes a close look at moving components of your equipment and doors for potential faults.  Loose bolts or fasteners, damaged or loose rollers, tracks, and anything that can cause the product to break down or become dangerous.  Again, unscheduled downtime due to an unexpected repair will cost you both time and money. Don’t take the risk; get your loading dock equipment inspected regularly.

Repairing damage

Your workers are busy, and so are your doors and equipment.  Due to this, wear-and-tear is not uncommon, but even a little bit of damage needs to be repaired.  If the damage is already there, it can get worse much faster than you expect.  This can result in your equipment completely breaking down, which may result in lost productivity.  Small repairs can usually be fixed and reinspected during your preventative maintenance appointment.  So no need to schedule another repair, and production can continue without interruption.  Our Service Technicians have a vast parts inventory on-board for this reason.

Door functionality

Is your door opening and closing smoothly? Or is it stalling, jamming, or heavy to move?  Making sure that your doors are working and in optimal condition is another part of your Preventative Maintenance Program. The frequency in which your industrial doors are used can cause them to lose their functionality faster than others. That’s where NEX comes in to make sure that all components are working properly, and repairs are completed right away.

Haven’t scheduled your fall preventative maintenance appointment yet? Give us a call at  1-866-400-2050 and schedule one today.