It’s getting colder outside, which makes preparing for Winter a must. One way to ensure that your business is ready for Winter is to install weather seals or make sure that existing weather seals on your industrial doors are in good condition. 


If your weather seals are worn or have cracks in them, now is the time to have them replaced. Don’t have weather seals? Now is the perfect time to have them installed! NEX Industrial can help you with either of these. Give us a call at 1- 866-400-2050, or fill out a contact form. We service industrial doors in Brampton, Mississauga, Barrie, Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, and Markham.

Why are weather seals a must for winter? Keep reading to find out.

What are Weather Seals?

Weather seals are barriers placed around the edges of doors to keep out air and moisture. There are several different types of weather seals to choose from. Silicone rubber weather seals are a popular choice for exterior doors, as they are durable, can increase energy efficiency, and often look better than most other types of seals. Other popular materials for weather seals include felt, reinforced foam, and brush. If you need help choosing the right type of weather seal to install for your business, NEX Industrial is happy to help. Give us a call and set up an appointment today.  

Benefits of Replacing or Installing Weather Seals

Prevent Damage: Over time the weather stripping around your doors will wear and crack, making it easy for air and water to get into your building. This moisture gets into the doors, it can rust over time, or swell and cause problems that will not allow your industrial door to work optimally.  Water can also damage your merchandise/products, adding to this expense.  

Reduce Safety Concerns: Any moisture on the floor can be slippery and can cause an unsafe work environment, especially with the cold weather coming as this can cause ice to build-up and add to this concern.

Save on Energy: Damaged weather stripping makes it easy for unwanted air to leak in, which in the winter is the last thing you want. If you have cold air leaking into your building, you will need to use more energy to keep the temperature controlled. Not only does this waste energy, but it will cost you more money.

Increase Employee/Client Comfort:  Save yourself the aggravation by installing or replacing old weather seals. Your employees will thank you, and you’ll save more than energy costs in the long-run.

These concerns can easily be prevented when you schedule a Preventative Maintenance appointment with NEX Industrial. We will send over a qualified technician to inspect your doors and weather seals, to make sure they are in good condition. If you need to have your weather seals replaced, we can do this quickly and professionally for you.  

Looking to install or repair weather seals for industrial doors in Brampton? Give NEX Industrial a call at 1- 866-400-2050 and set up an appointment today! We’re available 24/7!