Keeping your equipment and overhead doors in the GTA regularly maintained and inspected will not only give you peace-of-mind knowing you are preventing the need for constant repairs, or a complete breakdown – it ensures that your equipment will continue to operate as it should, safely and efficiently.  Save yourself from long-term aggravation down the road with a preventative maintenance inspection. 

Our Preventative Maintenance Programs (PMP) are based on our clients’ specific needs to ensure they are benefiting the most out of their equipment investment.  Keep reading to learn more.

Why opt for preventive maintenance?

What equipment should be inspected?

(Fire doors must be inspected & drop-tested annually)

 How Often Should PMI’s be done?

We recommend having a preventative maintenance inspection twice a year, though this will also depend on the following:

Due to Canadian weather and to support due-diligence, we recommend a PM inspection twice annually, but based on the requirements specific to your business, the frequency could be quarterly, or even monthly in extreme circumstances.

 Why Nex Industrial?

PMIs are a simple, cost-effective solution that keeps your business in tune. Click here to schedule a meeting to discuss your options.