The constant and regular wear-and-tear from every-day use and from the environmental factors on your industrial doors will inhibit the structural integrity, reliability, and safety. Nex offers thorough and extensive preventative maintenance programs that keep your industrial doors in optimal shape.Hi Speed Rubber Doors (TNR)- Parking Garage

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Are preventative maintenance programs necessary for your business? Find out by reading our blog below.

Why Preventative Maintenance Programs are a Must

Preventative maintenance is important for ensuring that your industrial doors operate properly, reliably, and most importantly, safely. Creating an unsafe workplace by having poorly maintained doors can open up various negative impacts, for your business and for your employees.

Prevention is also a time saver; having maintenance performed on your industrial doors will decrease downtime by avoiding potential malfunctions, therefore increase productivity.

Worried about the costs associated with a preventative maintenance program? Here’s something to keep in mind; with consistent maintenance, small issues which cost less and can be dealt with before they become very expensive or even irreparable. A proactive approach means you will spend less in repair costs over the long term. Regular maintenance will help to avoid a complete replacement as well.

What is included in your Preventative Maintenance Program?

Environment inspection: this assessment check is designed to inspect that the area surrounding the doors is clear and free of any obstructions or hazards. Is there equipment, material or product blocking the doors? Is visibility restricted? Is there grease or oil leaking on the floor? These things can make your door-area unsafe or interfere with their functionality and will need to be addressed to prevent downtime and expensive repairs.

Parts inspection: this ensures that fasteners, bolts and other vital parts of your industrial doors are tight, in place and do not have the potential to become loose and cause further damage.

Repairing any damage: wear-and-tear is normal, especially with frequent use, however, even casual wear needs to be assessed for any potentially problematic damage. Small, seemingly harmless damage can be fixed/replaced during your inspection.

Door functionality: during this inspection, we verify that your doors are working smoothly and are in optimal operating condition. Are your doors stalling or difficult to open? Nex Industrial Inc. sees this as more than just a minor inconvenience; these are also signs of potential safety hazards. Preventative maintenance ensures that your industrial doors are working optimally, thus keeping you and your employees in the safest hands.

How Often Should Appointments Be Scheduled?

It is our standard recommendation that your industrial doors be inspected and are maintained at least twice per year. This should be done once before the winter season and then again after. The frequency depends on the type of doors your business uses, the equipment used, how often they are used, the number of shifts per day, etc. You should schedule maintenance checks accordingly, this can be discussed with a Nex Industrial Inc service expert to make sure your maintenance program suits your specific application.

Do your industrial doors need preventative maintenance in the GTA? Nex offers high-quality Preventative Maintenance Programs to ensure your doors work safely and optimally. Call 1-866-400-2050 to learn more, or book an appointment.