Rolling Grill

Rolling Grill Shutter, Toronto


The crisp, clean lines of a rolling grille will make your security solution an aesthetically pleasing one.
NEX Industrial supplies rolling grilles are available in standard clear anodized aluminum or a variety of other custom finishes and are specially manufactured to suit your site. Our selection of rolling grilles are available in either Aluminum or Stainless steel, with either a Standard or Polyguard design. All grilles are customizable; they are available in 1.5′′, 2′′, 2.5′′, 3′′ rod spacing and different design patterns: straight link, staggered, and brick.

Rolling Grille Finishes:
Aluminum: Our Aluminum Grilles are our most sought after Rolling Grille. Aluminum grilles are finished in a standard aluminum finish.
Stainless: Stainless steel allows for a tough, versatile, and visually sharp design. Our stainless steel allows this form of closure to be used in a wider variety of applications, such as exterior openings.
Polyguard: Our Polyguard Grilles are aesthetically pleasing and versatile. These Grilles are excellent closure solutions for areas that need to keep fingers and hands out while still providing a physical divide.