Rolling Steel Doors

These roll-up garage door provide superior security and protection against any unauthorized entry to your property. Because these doors can be customized for a full range of applications they come in various affordable options. Whether your rolling steel door is for a parking garage entrance or loading area they are built for durability. Designed to perform much longer than your standard overhead garage door with proper routine maintenance.


Rugged 2′′ curved or flat slats
G90 Galvanized finish that needs no further painting
Structural Angle Guides and Aluminum Bottom Bar are more durable and easier to repair than roll-formed shapes
Steel Plate Brackets are more durable than stamped steel bracket plates
Galvanized hood and curtain can be supplied as prime painted at extra cost
Bolted Barrel design for ease of repair
Heavy Duty Cast throats are more durable than stamped steel stops
Malleable iron self aligning end locks assure trouble free operation
Choice of operation (push-up, chain, crank, or motor)
Oil Tempered Torsion Springs designed for 50,000 cycles
Designed for 20 PSF Windload

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