Safeguard® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Walkway Covers


Enjoy full visual freedom; choose from a range of design options including colours, shapes, and sizes
Pre-made covers can be rapidly applied over existing areas whether these are wood, metal, concrete, and grating
Ease of installation; whether you opt for adhesive, weld-in, or mechanical fasteners
Wallet-friendly, lightweight and fully impact resistant
Comes with a slim profile that offers a peel-and-stick application solution
Completely corrosion resistant making it ideal for indoor and outdoor settings
Offers full multi-directional coverage for traffic moving in both directions
Heat voltage traction melts snow and ice; eliminating the need for you to shovel or use chemicals
USDA-cleared; meaning that these covers are ideal for food processing units
Can easily withstand rigorous cleaning that takes place in greasy settings