For any industrial facility owner, keeping your workplace premises safe will allow the high amount of foot traffic to be undisturbed and productive throughout the day. Having stable flooring is key to preventing dangerous slips and falls, which may then lead to more consequential legal trouble and settlements. To maintain high levels of safety and productivity in your workplace, it’s important you consider installing anti-slip strips and taping on all your hard metal staircases. 

At NEX Industrial, we’re a Toronto-based company that offers high-quality, corrosion-free anti-slip cover products for your workplace. We offer anti-slip strips for stairs in the GTA that prevent slippage for most indoor and outdoor spaces. Our team provides you with the necessary tools to keep your employees safe and help you keep a productive and stimulating work environment. 

Contact NEX Industrial today to access a wide array of Safeguard hi-traction anti-slip safety products for your facility. Anti-slip strips are very useful to install on your metal staircase, especially if you have a team that works outside a lot during the cold winters. Here are ways in which anti-slip strips, covers, and taping can help you keep your areas secure. 

What Can You Put On Stairs To Prevent Slipping?

Without any anti-slip covers or strips for individual steps, it greatly increases hazards such as slipping and personal injury to your employees. Slick surfaces, especially metal, become more dangerous in frigid temperatures when it rains or snows. Anti-slip strips, covers, and treads can be installed on any stair surfaces like narrow spaces or ladder rungs. They can help people regain their footing as they ascend or descend and reduce their chances of getting into an accident. 

The anti-slip strips can also work effectively in any temperature or condition. Its slip resistant material helps keep out moisture in the air and keep staircases dry and stable. Anti-slip strips can come in a variety of sizes and colours, using the right combination of base, grit, and size to provide the right coverage for steps. The different colors of anti-slip strips can complement any tone and ambiance for your workplace, from bright colours to help employees see different spots to clear shading that matches the staircase itself. In addition to being completely corrosion resistant, anti-slip strips can be customized to your precise measurements for proper depth coverage.  

With anti-slip strips and covers installed on stairs, you can prevent dangerous falls and slippage for your work team, maintaining an efficient level of productivity. These anti-slip measures can also last for many years after they have been used. 

How Long Do Anti-Slip Strips Last On Stairs? 

After installing anti-slip strips on your stairs, the average lifespan of them is between five to seven years before you need to get new replacements. Anti-slip technology is made out of very durable, water and weatherproof material designed to outlast other malleable materials. If your facility has multiple metal staircases and flooring, anti-slip covers and strips will prevent them from rusting due to the high foot traffic. Your workers will be able to travel safely on them and continue their work as normal. 

Anti-slip strips can also be removed very easily if you need to replace them. On most metal surfaces, they can be hand-peeled off with some effort. Our anti-slip solutions are easy to apply and remove whenever you need to, helping you maintain a safe working environment for your workers. 

How Do You Install Anti-Slip Strips On Metal Stairs? 

Once you have access to anti-slip strips and permission to cover your metal stairs with them, installing them should be a relatively easy process. First and foremost, the stairs should be cleaned very thoroughly before the application. You can use a degreasing solvent on metal staircases to ensure they are spotless. 

Next, a stripping compound should be added in order for the anti-slip strip to stick on effectively. Afterwards, rinse the stairs with a wet sponge and mop and then allow it to dry by itself. From there, lay a strip of anti-slip tape across a step and position it so it is 1/2 inch from the edge of a step. Lift one end of the strip and peel back the first 2 inches of the non-sticky side. Make sure you touch the adhesive as little as possible during this process before pressing the tape firmly onto the step. Lastly, lift the strip from the other end and peel off the next few inches of it, press down the strip taping as you go. Repeat this process until everything is stuck to the staircase, using a roller if necessary to add more pressure or get rid of air bubbles. 

Contact NEX Industrial now to get Safeguard hi-traction anti-slip safety products for your facility today. Our team holds itself accountable to you by supplying high quality products with outstanding workmanship. We want to ensure you are completely satisfied with our customer service and exceptional products we distribute. 

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