When you run your commercial or industrial facility, safety is your utmost priority. Ensuring top-of-the-line security in your premises is paramount to keeping intruders at bay and protecting your employees and possessions. 

NEX Industrial is a leading supplier of industrial security gates and security sliding grills in the GTA. Our team supplies products that fit your very specific requirements all the while offering unparalleled quality, total lifetime value and field configurable functionality.

What products can enhance security measures at your facility? We’re about to explore that right here!

Security Gates and Fencing

High-quality gates and fencing systems not only enhance security at your facility, but they may also increase the value of the property. At NEX, we offer gates and fencing systems that match a range of styles and options to meet your price point. 

Our products run the gamut from manual to automated gates fitted with user-friendly access control options. NEX’s technicians will be happy to drop by your facility, analyze the layout and property dimensions, and identify key areas that would most benefit from these solutions. 

NEX’s metal gates are fully optimized for authorized pedestrian and vehicle entry. Bank on a practical, cost-effective and space-saving commercial gate solution that is suited to any industrial application.

HySecurity Solutions

HySecurity products are undoubtedly the future of smart and connected gate automation. HySecurity gate operators and accessories have consistently proven to deliver on reliability, durability and lowest maintenance. 

Having been significantly field-tested before mass production, HySecurity uses aviation-grade hydraulic technology for its high-security gate operators. These solutions have been put to immense use in international airports, petrochemical facilities, server farms, utilities and almost every commercial application under the sun.

One of its products, HydraLift, is a vertical lift gate operator for commercial and industrial applications, capable of raising a 2,000-pound gate panel to provide a 16ft clear opening in just 8 seconds. With the hydraulics and electronics contained in a remote enclosure, HydraLift is the perfect solution for entryways that are short on space. 

Concealed Automated Bollards

Concealed bollards lend a range of benefits to commercial and industrial properties. Most specifically, these solutions define pedestrian zones by allowing entry and exit to or from a certain area for authorized personnel all the while restricting vehicles on roads, sidewalks and squares. 

For those facilities that witness a lot of transit activity per day, concealed automated bollards are highly recommended. Not only are these solutions aesthetically appealing, but their high-resistant steel cylinder acts as the perfect buffer against weather and impact.

Choose NEX As Your Industrial Security Solution Provider

NEX Industrial has a Zero Tolerance policy and puts safety at the very forefront when delivering the optimal security package. Our trained technicians carefully work with your team to assess your commercial property, identify areas that require a security upgrade, and suggest a budget-friendly package to cater to your requirements. 

Each worksite is vastly different from the next. During installation, we take into account your unique situation and constraints, timeline and expectations, and optimize our efforts around these factors. 

Every project we’ve orchestrated is done so with diligence and care. The end result is a solution you’re completely happy with that exceeds your expectations. 

Your security is our priority. Contact NEX today to discover the best security solutions for your business.