Ah, it’s that time of year again. Spring is almost here and before you know it, summer will arrive in all its glory. The question is; Is your industrial facility ready to weather the brunt of the summer? Temperature fluctuations, intense heat waves, pests and more could potentially damage your possessions and wreak havoc on the workflow process. The solution? Industrial air barriers for your Toronto premises

What are air barriers? These are created to balance air temperature differences between two spaces. They regulate the temperature between a conditioned zone and an unconditioned zone. With this level of control in the heat flow, airflow, moisture flow and radiations, the tangible elements in the building, your employees and the interior workspace are all protected. 

Here are just a handful of advantages of installing air barrier systems in your facility ahead of the summer.

Seals in Conditioned Air

The primary job of an air barrier system is to maintain temperatures and air quality inside, with reducing the strain on HVAC systems and costs. 

In fact, reportedly over 45% of the cost of cooling or heating a facility stems from air leakage. This not only hampers your workflow processes but can also cause your employees to fall sick, given the constant fluctuating temperature. With an air barrier, you will be averting these circumstances and creating a very comfortable indoor environment, inevitably boosting workplace productivity. 

Reduce Costs

When you maintain the level of conditioned air, the outcome is obvious. You will spend less money on re-conditioning indoor air. It’s essential that all the systems in your facility work in a cohesive manner to maximize your energy savings. These can definitely add up to provide continuous savings in the long run – making for a very optimized and effective industrial operation and will greatly lower your utility costs. 

Prevents Moisture

When varying temperatures collide, moisture won’t be far behind. A well-sealed building mitigates the potential of moisture floors, walls and product, causing rot, mold and slippery surfaces. 

Air barrier systems nip the problem in the bud. These well-designed systems prevent the entry of air, and by default prevent moisture distribution. 

Improves IAQ

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is very important on so many levels. Dust, allergens, odours, insects, noise and other particles are things your building can well do without. These hinder the workflow process, affect employee productivity, health and can even lead to massive downtimes in your operations.

Luckily, you don’t have to put up with them. Air barrier systems effectively block these contaminants from penetrating the premises, and save you from having to then spend a fortune just to remove them. 

Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of Air Barrier Systems? 

Turn to NEX for Quality Air Barrier Installation Services in Toronto

NEX Industrial offers high-grade air barriers that seal over 90% of outdoor contaminants when installed over an open doorway. These will be custom manufactured to fit your precise specifications. 

Our technicians expertly install them so orderly flow and pressure are achieved. Moreover, the sound dampening function ensures that these fans do not create an auditory disturbance. These air barriers are ideal for retail, commercial and industrial operations. 

Contact us today to optimize your savings and keep your facility protected all year round.