sealChoosing the overhead door that best suits the needs of your business can be difficult.  At Nex Industrial, we are here to help assist you in choosing the right overhead door for your industry’s specific needs and requirements.  From the beginning stages of design to the final stages of construction, we will be there every step of the way.  Check out our full list of services online.

Not sure which way to go?  Keep reading for a quick guide on industrial door options, or give us a call at 1-866-400-2050 and we can schedule an appointment to go over your options in more depth.  We have many overhead door options available in Etobicoke and other cities in the GTA.

How to Pick the Right Door

Deciding which type of overhead door best suits your business relies heavily on the activities of your business….

Do you have trucks frequently coming and going from your warehouse?  

Do you have multiple shifts?  

Do you need any added security options?  

Are there customers frequently going in and out of your building?  

Do you need a climate-controlled environment?

Do you work in the food or pharmaceutical industry?

These are just a few of the questions to narrow down the choice of what kind of overhead door that will benefit your business.  First and foremost the right solution needs to increase productivity, suit your environment and provide a reduced cost of ownership.

Different Overhead Door Options

Bug Doors:  These doors help keep insects and birds out, thus making your workspace sanitary and FDA/AIB approved.  They also allow for improved ventilation which helps to keep your employees comfortable as they work.  Bug Doors can easily be installed into warehouse openings, pedestrian doors, dock doors, and drive-in doors.

High-Speed Vinyl Doors: These are mainly used in Food and Pharmaceutical facilities, but can be the needed solution in any type of environment.  High-speed doors operate quickly but safely and are low maintenance.  These doors help your business keep up with high hygiene requirements, they help maintain consistent temperatures, all while decreasing the spread of bacteria and other contaminates.  

High-Speed Aluminum Security Doors:  Keep your employees and your workspace safe by installing high-speed security doors.  These doors are designed to open and close quickly but also have the added security of a metal door, without the high maintenance of pulleys, cables, hinges or tension springs.  For additional security, you can opt to have windows installed as well.

High-Speed Rubber Doors:  Manufacturing, food processing, automotive, bus transit stations, parking garages, postal outlets, airports, and railways.  These doors are tough, fast and resistant to various harsh environments.

Sectional Doors: The most common overhead door used, as they are usually less expensive and provide adequate security, even if only visual.  With this said, make sure you choose one with the correct specifications that will provide you with speed, insulation, and longevity for the utmost return on your investment, don’t be undersold.

Need help choosing the right overhead door for your workspace in Etobicoke? Let us help! Give us a call at  1-866-400-2050 and we will get your business rolling.