Safeguard® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Walkway Covers

Safety first.

If you’re an industrial facility owner whose premises witness a lot of foot traffic, this is likely your motto. One of your priorities is to ensure that the flooring is completely safe to walk on.

In this article, we explore how anti-slip covers for walkways and other walkable surfaces are a great investment for your GTA business.

Industrial Locations Greatly Benefit From Anti-Slip Covers

When walking on slick surfaces that do not offer much traction, the hazards of slipping and causing injury to yourself or your employees are immense. Especially for spaces that offer a small foot area like a stair or a ladder rung, it’s not as easy for the person to regain their footing in time.

The solution? Slip-resistant walk-on covers! These effectively prevent hazards and keep your employees safe (even in the event of a spill). These covers work wonders in inclement weather conditions where there’s a lot of moisture in the air that may cause the floor to offer poor traction.

Safeguard® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Walkway Covers

Apart from ladders and stairs, plenty of other surfaces within your premises can become the unfortunate site of a slip-and-fall accident. This is why you should strive to transform all flat walk-on areas into safe, anti-slip surfaces.

With Safeguard®, your workers, clients, and suppliers will be saved from the adverse repercussions of a spill or, conversely, climactic moisture that settles onto the flooring.


  • Enjoy full visual freedom; choose from a range of design options including colours, shapes, and sizes
  • Pre-made covers can be rapidly applied over existing areas whether these are wood, metal, concrete, and grating
  • Ease of installation; whether you opt for adhesive, weld-in, or mechanical fasteners
  • Wallet-friendly, lightweight and fully impact resistant
  • Comes with a slim profile that offers a peel-and-stick application solution
  • Completely corrosion resistant making it ideal for indoor and outdoor settings
  • Offers full multi-directional coverage for traffic moving in both directions
  • Heat voltage traction melts snow and ice; eliminating the need for you to shovel or use chemicals
  • USDA-cleared; meaning that these covers are ideal for food processing units
  • Can easily withstand rigorous cleaning that takes place in greasy settings

Workplace Slips Are Risky (and Easily Avoidable)!

Keep Your Employees Safe

NEX Industrial offers high-quality, corrosion-free covers that are ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces. And when you keep your employees safe, everyone benefits from a productive and stimulating work environment.

Contact us to find out which covers are ideal for you!

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