In industrial environments today, speed is a defining characteristic, which makes safety vital. Despite its importance, slip and fall accidents are often overlooked when it comes to safety. Expenses associated with such incidents can be high. As a result of serious injuries, there can be legal consequences as well as productivity losses. When businesses recognize and implement reliable anti-slip safety solutions, these risks can be significantly minimized. Products from Safeguard® Hi-Traction® line including their Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers, Walkway Covers, and Step Covers, play a pivotal role in enhancing workplace safety.

The scope of the problem should be understood before diving into solutions. A majority of general industry accidents are caused by slips, trips, and falls. Second only to motor vehicles, they cause 15% of all accidental deaths. It’s more alarming to note that most of these incidents are caused by a reduced level of traction between the shoe and the ground.

Nex Industrial recognizes the profound need for effective, durable, and reliable anti-slip solutions. Enter Safeguard® Hi-Traction® – a line of products designed with the singular goal of minimizing the risks associated with slippery surfaces.

Ladder rung covers are indispensable in many industrial settings. In environments with moisture, chemicals, or oil, they also pose significant slip risks. The Safeguard® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers feature a tractioned surface that provides workers with a secure grip when ascending or descending ladders. With this easy-to-install cover, you won’t need to re-tape or make temporary fixes, as well as a long-term solution.


Industrial walkways are prone to wear and tear, particularly those exposed to the elements. As a result, these paths can lose their natural traction over time. Anti-slip walkway covers like Safeguard® Hi-Traction® come in handy in such environments. They not only protect the original walkway surface but also ensure a consistent, high-traction surface that prevents accidental slips. Their durability means fewer replacements and consistent safety levels.

Falling and slipping on stairs is a common occurrence. Moisture, debris, and general wear and tear can make steps treacherous. Safeguard® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Step Covers act as a protective shield. With their textured surface, they provide a stable and secure footing. A facility’s overall security is affected by the safety of its steps, which are often the junction between levels.

Slip hazards have significant economic repercussions when they are not addressed. As well as direct costs such as medical expenses and compensation, indirect costs include training replacement employees, accident investigation, and downtime caused by the accident.

No company wants to bear the burden of knowing that an employee’s life was irrevocably changed or lost due to preventable circumstances. Companies can encourage a safety culture by investing in top-tier solutions such as Safeguard® Hi-Traction®, which demonstrates that employees’ well-being is paramount.

Compliance isn’t enough to ensure workplace safety; commitment is necessary. Taking care of the well-being of everyone who enters the premises. In order to prevent slip-related accidents, effective anti-slip solutions must be incorporated. With Safeguard® Hi-Traction® Anti-Slip Ladder Rung Covers, Walkway Covers, and Step Covers, businesses take a proactive approach to safety. Nex Industrial proudly stands behind these solutions, understanding that the blend of innovative design and robust functionality makes them indispensable in today’s industrial environments.