When you operate a warehouse or manufacturing facility, you know that daily routines can be hectic. When you add traffic of machines and other equipment into the mix, opportunities for accidents to happen arise, especially if you have visitors that don’t know the work area. At Nex Industrial, safety is of the utmost importance, and we work with you and your employees to ensure the safety of everyone. We are ISN certified and are qualified to assist you with safety and risk management.

Safety sign

Keep reading to learn more about how we help you maximize safety in your work environment for you, and your team. Give us a call at 1-866-400-2050 and we can create a safety plan that addresses your business’ needs. Take advantage of our Preventative Maintenance Programs as well to spot safety hazards before they occur. We operate in Peel and all other cities in the GTA.

Why Have A Safety Inspection Completed?

Making sure that your warehouse or facility is safe is not only beneficial to your employees and to customers, it’s also the law. The Ministry of Labour requires employers to take certain steps in ensuring the health and safety of their workers.

Getting a safety inspection done addresses potential hazards in the workplace, and finds solutions in order to eliminate them.

Safety Compliance Solutions

Warehouses and manufacturing facilities can pose serious hazards to both employees and especially to visitors who are not familiar with the building. With equipment such as forklifts, docks, transports trucks, and more, the chances of injury are exponentially increased. Each year many workers are harmed at work due to lack of safety training or accident prevention. There are a couple of simple yet effect ways to decrease the risk of injury at your workspace.

Clear Signage is one way to reduce accidents from occurring. Signs act as a warning for forklift & high-traffic areas, slippery floors, electrical equipment, or display how to properly use equipment. There are many options available that can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. Signs act as a way of universal communication as you don’t have to speak the same language to recognize a stop sign, a warning sign, etc.

Railings are a great addition to keep your workers and customers safely within a specific safe area, and around walkways. Railings can prevent people from falling from heights, and away from dangerous equipment.

Automated equipment procedures are another way to help ensure safety in the workplace. This reduces human intervention in dangerous work environments, for example proper use of forklifts to lift and transfer heavy equipment, training on the sequence of operation for loading docks and related equipment. Knowing, training and documenting the proper procedures for operating automated equipment can keep workplace injuries to a minimal.    

Need a safety inspection done or want help coming up with ways to eliminate hazards? Nex Industrial can help. Give us a call at  1-866-400-2050 and we visit your workspace to help you maximize workplace safety. We operate on industrial doors in Peel and many other cities all over the GTA.