Are your industrial overhead doors working properly? A preventative maintenance inspection on your industrial doors can easily ensure that your doors continue to work efficiently, and spot issues before they can become a problem.  If you need to book a preventative maintenance inspection, give NEX Industrial a call at for an appointment in Newmarket. Propac-4

Keep reading for signs that your door needs a repair.

Signs Your Industrial Doors Need A Repair

The door fails to open and close: This could mean several different things. If your door is powered by an electric operator, then a problem could be electrical.  There could be a problem with the safety sensors being misaligned or faulty, the operator limits need to be adjusted, or a similar electrical problem.  Some mechanical problems could be with the tracks being misaligned, bent or damaged, or other similar issues.A trained technician will be able to access the problem and ensure that the doors are operating efficiently and safely.

Damaged Cables: Damaged or broken cables are a big safety concern. The cables are holding the entire weight of your door; having one or both break would cause the door to fall. Regularly scheduled inspections can prevent these types of incidence.  If you notice your cables are worn or broken call for a technician right away.

The door shakes: Your door should always function smoothly and should not be shaking or shuddering when it is opening or closing. If you start to notice that your garage door stalls or shakes while operating, this could be a sign that there is something wrong with the track system or a significant part of it, that can cause further damage or concern.

Increased energy bills: If you notice that  your energy bills keep getting bigger and bigger every month, this could easily be that a problem with your weather seals or the low insulation value of your door itself. Weather seals around the door and the insulation within it help keep the cold outside air from leaking indoors, they keep the climate of your facility controlled, and keep your energy costs down by allowing the heating and cooling system to run more efficiently. If you find that your energy costs are skyrocketing, it could simply be one of these factors. A certified technician can easily help determine what can help you. There are Energy Rebates available for these type of upgrades.

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