Anti-slip walkable covers offer several advantages that make them a great investment for various settings. First and foremost, they boast superior anti-slip properties that can help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. These covers are designed to withstand challenging conditions such as oil, chemicals, frost, rain, snow, and heat, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Installing them is easy, and they require little to no maintenance. Choosing anti-slip flooring can save you money in the long run by reducing maintenance costs, administrative expenses, and preserving the reputation of your facility or building.

When it comes to preventing slips, trips, and falls, it’s best to rely on the experts. NEX Industrial’s safeguard technology and custom Anti-Slip Hi-Traction solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each facility. Your business, facility, and workers deserve the highest quality products and safety standards to achieve a safe work environment. Anti-slip covers improve health and safety protocols, and can significantly extend the lifespan of surfaces. They are supplied as per your configurations and come pre-cut and drilled with the right fasteners. With three styles to choose from, including angle, half-round, and channel-shaped, they are ideal for power generation locations where slip-and-fall accidents are likely.

Prevent Workplace Injuries
Each year, workplace related injuries, accidents, and deaths surpass half a million globally, with slips and falls being a leading cause of such incidents in all industries. To maintain a safe working environment, it is crucial to comply with safety regulations and best practices. Industries like industrial manufacturing, warehouses, and distribution centers that cover vast areas, are more prone to dangerous slips and falls. Insufficient friction or traction between a person’s footwear and floor surface often leads to slips. 

Surfaces tend to become more slippery when wet from cleaning, spills, or daily foot traffic, and the flooring surface plays a significant role in the incident. Identifying flooring that prevents slips and trips and suits particular workplace conditions can significantly reduce injuries. One way to achieve this is by using anti-slip and anti-skid materials, which are robust layers of plastic or rubber commonly used to prevent unwanted movement for people or objects. 


Although most flooring materials are slip-resistant when dry, contaminants like water, dust, oil, or solvents can decrease floor traction. Moreover, highly polished surfaces such as concrete, vinyl, and timber reduce traction considerably. The aggregate surface of flooring materials provides slip resistance through the presence of hard, rough edges that grip footwear.

Choosing anti-slip flooring is a great way to boost employee morale and productivity by eliminating the fear of tripping or falling. A safe work environment can improve focus and confidence, leading to increased productivity. Anti-slip flooring offers excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic while being easy to maintain. These qualities make it a long-term flooring solution that requires minimal retrofitting and will maintain its modern look and durability for years to come without the need for replacement. 


If individual steps lack anti-slip covers or strips, the risk of slipping and injury to employees is greatly increased. Slippery surfaces, particularly metal ones, become more hazardous in frigid temperatures, rainy or snowy conditions. Anti-slip strips, covers, and treads can be installed on narrow spaces, ladder rungs, or any stair surface, helping people maintain their footing while ascending or descending, and reducing the risk of accidents. Anti-slip strips are effective in any temperature or condition, and their slip-resistant material helps keep staircases dry and stable by keeping moisture out of the air.

Anti-slip strips come in a variety of sizes and colours, allowing the right combination of base, grit, and size to provide proper coverage for steps. They can complement any workplace ambiance, from bright colours to help employees see different spots to clear shading that matches the staircase itself. Furthermore, anti-slip strips are completely corrosion-resistant and can be customized to precise measurements for proper depth coverage. By installing anti-slip strips and covers on stairs, you can prevent dangerous falls and slippage, ensuring an efficient level of productivity for your work team. These anti-slip measures can last for many years after installation.

Installing Anti-Slip Strips
Installing anti-slip strips on metal stairs is a relatively easy process once you have access to the strips and permission to use them. The first step is to thoroughly clean the stairs, especially metal staircases, with a degreasing solvent to ensure they are clean. Then, apply a stripping compound for the anti-slip strip to stick effectively. Rinse the stairs with a wet sponge and mop, and allow them to dry. To apply the anti-slip tape, position it half an inch from the edge of the step and press down firmly on one end of the strip, being careful to touch the adhesive as little as possible. Peel back the first two inches of the non-sticky side, and continue to press the tape down firmly while peeling off more of the non-sticky side. Repeat this process until the entire strip is stuck to the staircase, using a roller to eliminate air bubbles or add more pressure if necessary.

At NEX Industrial, we offer high-quality Safeguard hi-traction anti-slip safety products to help protect your employees from serious injuries and maintain high levels of productivity. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers and are committed to delivering exceptional products and customer service. Contact us at +1 866-400-2050 to get the best anti-slip strips for your facility and ensure your workers’ safety.