As the owner of a commercial facility, bad weather is definitely a cause for concern. If snow, rainwater or winds enter the premises, they could do significant damage to your machinery and create an uncomfortable work environment for your staff. Weather seal installations on industrial doors are an effective way to prevent the elements from infiltrating your facility. Not only that, but these accessories also serve to control the climate within the enclosure so that there aren’t any drastic temperature fluctuations.

It’s the small touches that make all the difference. Come colder weather, your equipment will function as well as ever and your operations won’t be impeded in the slightest when you install weather seals.

Here are some of the major benefits you get to enjoy when you invest in reliable and durable solutions for your industrial doors:


Regulates Indoor Temperature Throughout the Year

A study conducted by Natural Resources Canada revealed that you can reduce your heating and cooling needs by about 20-25% if you get rid of leaks and drafts around doors and windows. Roughly about 35% of heat escapes through the walls, 25% through the doors and windows and 15% through the floorboards.

Weather seals may be small in size but they bring big benefits to your facility. They prevent the leakage of conditioned air, which means the premises stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter. These accessories also maintain indoor air quality by sealing in the air, especially at key entry and exit points in your commercial facility.

During the winter, a sudden drop in temperature and a rise in precipitation can cause downtime in your operations and damage your possessions. To ensure optimal efficiency, installing these weather seals is absolutely crucial. And if your operations require your facility to have sensitive climate-controlled areas, these come in handy all the more! To augment their efficiency, we also advise that you carry out preventative maintenance inspections every so often.


The Best Economic Decision You Can Make

Choose quality solutions that are durable enough to make repair and maintenance redundant. Moreover, these are easy to install – which means you save on labour costs. Additionally, when you seal and insulate your industrial doors, you’ll be doing a lot by way of lowering your monthly energy bills as well as improving energy-efficiency. They allow for affordable cooling, heating and humidity control. If you have a budget, the team at NEX is happy to work well within that. You won’t have to break the bank to protect your commercial facility from the elements. We offer industry-leading quotes that you simply won’t be able to resist!


Seals Out Bad Weather and Pests

Rain, snow and high winds don’t stand a chance when you invest in the right solutions at the right time. These seals also prevent the entry of mildew, pollen, dust, allergens, and mold from permeating your facility and affecting the architectural integrity of the structure. Bugs and insects are deterred from entering as well in the bargain. When your structure is well protected from these agents, you will be spending that much less in the long run on repairs, maintenance and damage control.


Adds That Attractive Finishing Touch

Why only settle for the practical aspects when the visuals are equally important? When you install attractive weather seals along the perimeter of the industrial door, it adds a lovely finishing touch that lends itself well to the overall aesthetic of your facility.


Versatile Solutions

As the season’s change and with general wear-and-tear, your old seals won’t be as effective as they once were. It may be time to inspect worn, missing or old seals and determine whether a replacement is in order. As the weather moves into the harsher territory, you need only those solutions that perform at their very best.

At NEX Industrial, we offer weather seals suited to all types of docks and doors. No matter your operational requirements, we stock those seals that make your job easier. Our inventory holds solutions for drive-in-doors, shipping doors, pedestrian doors, dock levelers and sliding doors.



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