At NEX, our team has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your facility reduces unnecessary downtime or security breaches. Whether you’re looking to invest in our high-quality and dependable security solutions from reputable brands like HySecurity, or simply need assistance installing or servicing your security solutions and barrier arms in Toronto, our team would be happy to help.

When it comes to effectively protecting your facility and its products, automatic gates and barrier arms are a major contributing factor. As such, it’s important to ensure that your facility’s security solutions, are properly maintained all year-round to ensure they operate even in the worst weather conditions. This winter, do your due diligence with these helpful tips in mind.

Interested in learning how you can keep your facility’s barrier arms operating at its prime in winter? Keep reading below for our maintenance tips.

Check The Belts or Chains and Mounting Hardware

Just as other equipment in your facility suffers from wear and tear over time, so does your facility’s barrier arms. During the colder winter months, lubricant hardware and other moving components to prevent freezing. As a result, its important to ask a professional for help evaluating the condition of your barrier arms and what may be required.

Check the belts and mounting hardware of your barrier arms, look for signs of wear, the amount of tension on the belts, and ensuring tightly fastened hardware. Seeing that your barrier arms are likely utilized countless times a day, it’s important to ensure that they are not only operating as designed, but that they’re operating safety as well.

Test Vehicle Safety Loops

Prevent your facility’s barrier arms from accidentally closing on a vehicle by ensuring that your vehicle safety loops are regularly tested by a trained professional like ours at NEX. Unlike an electric-eye which has a limited range in sensing an approaching vehicle until it is in the direct path of the gate, vehicle safety loops provide the ability to detect a vehicle from a consistent distance and can react quickly — should a vehicle take longer than usual to exit or enter your facility. As a result, we recommend having a professional test your barrier arm’s vehicle safety loops to prevent unforeseen circumstances and inconveniences.

Keep Gate Path Clear

While this tip is important year round, business owners should be especially mindful of this during the colder winter months. With snow and ice continuing to build up, even the slightest interference of your gate path can cause the gate to malfunction. As a result, we recommend being vigilant when it comes to shovelling the snow and de-icing the pathways surrounding your barrier arms. Always keep the gate path clear to ensure that your facility & personnel’s productivity go uninterrupted.

Book A Preventative Maintenance Inspection

Not sure how to check the condition of your facility’s barrier arm? Eliminate the possibility of your barrier arm malfunctioning when you need it most this winter, when you book a preventative maintenance inspection with a reputable company like ours in Toronto.

At NEX, our team of highly-skilled technicians have the knowledge and experience to help catch and prevent problems before they occur. Following protocol, our team can help provide professional evaluations, safety compliance and more. Prevent your facility from facing unnecessary downtime when you act proactively.

NEX Now Carries HySecurity Solutions & Barrier Arms

At NEX, we care about the safety of your facility and its personnel – that’s why we carry, distribute, install and service a variety of products including those from HySecurity. For over 50 years now, HySecurity has specialized in manufacturing high quality gate operators and accessories for industrial, commercial and residential facilities which are unparalleled in the industry. Known for its reliability and long-lasting durability, HySecurity products are preferred by many of our clients at NEX.

Our selection of HySecurity products and accessories at NEX include the following:

Need a HySecurity supplier or help installing and servicing your barrier arms in Toronto? Our team at NEX has the knowledge and experience to help. Give us a call at (866)400-2050 today for more information.