service high speed doors toronto

With winter well underway, it’s important to remember why you shouldn’t take servicing your business’ high speed doors for granted. As a critical means of preserving your company’s profits, maintaining your high speed doors can help your business reduce operational costs, keep employees safe, and streamline efficiency – especially during these colder months.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits associated with servicing your high speed doors.

Reduce The Loss of Heat In Your Facility

Starting to feel a breeze slip through the cracks of your facility’s high speed doors? This could be a sign that the weather seal is beginning to wear out. While it is impossible to completely eliminate all heat exchanges with cold outdoor air in the winter, there are ways to significantly reduce your facility’s loss of heat.

For starters, having your facility’s high speed doors serviced by professionals ensure that these remain wind resistant, tightly sealed, and durable. If properly installed and maintained, high speed doors generally seal in the heat very well – keeping your industrial facility operational during the winter in Toronto. With quick open and close cycles and wind-resistant features, professionally serviced high speed doors can remain durable enough to protect your facility from losing an excess amount of heat this winter.

Keep Your Employees Safer

When your facility’s high speed doors are not properly sealed or maintained, it could pose a huge risk for employees. The temperature differences can cause moisture build-up, frost and even ice to form on the floor around the openings, causing a slippery work area, not to mention a cold working environment.

Get your high speed door serviced. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Saving Time and Money

One of the main selling points of high speed doors is of course, the speed. A standard sectional door (approximately 2m high) will open and close in approximately 15-20 seconds. Not only does this time allow heat from escaping, it also increases the downtime during operations. Reduce the time employees are standing around waiting for the door to open and close and help your business streamline its efficiency.

Rebates are also available to offset costs.

We also provide a full ROI expectation, based on your specific application.

At NEX, our team wants to help you and your business reap the benefits of servicing your facility’s high speed doors. This winter, have peace of mind knowing that your high speed doors have been properly cared for by our highly trained professionals. Simply give us a call at 1-866-400-2050 and ask us how we can help you.