If your facility relies on materials that go through a loading dock, you need strong and reliable equipment to help you complete the job. By investing in durable loading dock equipment, you can ensure the safety of your workers and protect the loading dock operation. Nex Industrial has some of the best loading dock supplies to help you run your operations more efficiently and effectively. 

We service many areas in Vaughan, Toronto, Etobicoke, and the GTA and offer complete turnkey solutions for a variety of businesses. We improve important resources such as commercial security gates to ensure the best protection with the high quality equipment.  

If you need some of the most premiere loading dock equipment in the city, Nex Industrial has you covered. You can call us now at (905)-264-7400 to learn more. We will now go over the benefits of a well-protected loading dock and the expectations of our best loading dock equipment. 

Vehicle Restraints For Loading Docks

Vehicle restraints help keep trucks and other vehicles from leaving the loading dock too early, avoiding equipment damage and on-site injury from occurring. While they fulfill similar functions across different models, there are three different restraints available to use for your loading dock. 

One of them includes Mechanical Vehicle Restraints. This product is simple to operate and requires no maintenance after repeated use. You can manually engage and release the functions of the product using an integral push bar. No lifting is required. Moreover, these restraints have a secure barrier with a non-impact design to expand the product’s life. It is also corrosion resistant to different elements. 

Electrical Vehicle Restraints use a dock electric hook mounted on the face of the wall to adjust any trailer or vehicle movements. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to other hydraulic restraints and is operated with the aid of a complete interior and exterior communication package. It can handle around 32,000 lbs of restraining strength powered with 110 volts and an exceptional communication packaged with LED lights. 

One last vehicle restraint is the Hydraulic Vehicle Restraint which is the standard product that renders vehicles immobile. This restrain can handle up to 30000 lbs of material and has an effective pull strength for a variety of jobs. Other features of the restraint device are a manual release valve in case of power failures and a combination control panel to control your operations. 

Dock Levelers To Make Loading Easier

Hydraulic and Mechanical Dock Levelers can be an easy solution for your loading dock operations. Hydraulic dock levelers are operated with a single push button control with a constant pressure feature to ensure safety through different cycles. They are designed with high tensile steel that can handle capacities up to 100,000 lbs of material. 

Manual operated dock levelers are an economical alternative to hydraulic based devices. Since they are manually operated, they are easier to use by simply pulling the release chain located at the loading deck’s rear. The dock will rise and extend for safe loading and unloading onto the truck. It can handle up to 40,000 lbs of weight and are designed with a 4 inch tilt to level any uneven surfaces. 

Door Shelters and Seals For Your Loading Operations

In addition to restraints and dock levelers, door shelter and seals will help you provide a safe and efficient level of operation with different vehicles. Door seals in particular  use a compression foam around a trailer’s top and side to support energy efficiency and climate control. You can save more money in reduced energy costs and increase productivity for your workers. 

Door shelters will also help you offer unlimited access to trailers while ensuring a safe loading dock delivery. We have several types of shelters perfect to handle any conditions that come their way.  

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