With the new year upon us, there is undeniably no better time to start executing upgrades for your facility – starting with installing high speed doors. Whether you’re looking to fully replace an old overhead door with a newer model, or simply need help maintaining your existing high speed doors in the GTA, our team can help.

At NEX, our highly skilled technicians have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right type of door for your facility. Designed to help save businesses money on energy bills while also delivering, speed, safety and reliability, high speed doors are the perfect investment for industrial and commercial facilities this 2018. To learn more about the different types of high speed doors NEX carries, keep reading:

Food Grade Doors

Stay on top of hygiene requirements with food grade doors. Designed to help meet the hygiene, speed and safety standards required of food processing facilities, high speed doors are an affordable, low maintenance solution. Featuring self-repairing capabilities and a low profile options that fit your facility’s design, space and productivity requirements.

Freezer Doors

Seamlessly seal the frigid temperatures of the cold storage area from the rest of your facility with high speed freezer doors, ideal for high-traffic areas which provide shelter to food and produce. Meticulously designed to deliver fast speeds and reliability, high speed freezer doors provide noteable energy and operational savings for food and beverage processing, cold storage, and distribution. Enhance the safety of your food manufacturing facility, while improving productivity, reducing energy costs and decreasing overall maintenance costs by investing in a high speed freezer door.

Pharmaceutical Doors

Specifically designed to meet the highest standards of the pharmaceutical industry, high speed pharmaceutical doors are a safe and affordable investment, as these are both low maintenance and low profile. Its high speed operation allows pharmaceutical facilities to maintain climate control and air quality, while also conserving energy. With impressive speeds, self-repairing capabilities and continuous sealing, pharmaceutical doors will help minimize the infiltration of airborne pathogens in your facility.

No matter what industry your facility is in, our highly skilled team will help you find, install and maintain your facility’s optimal high speed doors. At NEX, we proudly carry a variety of products and equipment for commercial and industrial applications. Our extensive list of reputable suppliers include Amstel, Enershield, Garaga, HySecurity,, Nice, TNR Doors and Upwardor.

Need help in choosing the right high speed door for your commercial or industrial facility? Ask our team at NEX for help. Simply give us a call at 1-866-400-2050 to speak to one of our technicians located in the GTA.