Any good business owner/manager wants to improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of their work premises. High-speed overhead doors in the GTA offer amazing benefits over standard overhead doors. However, given the number of options at your disposal, it’s important to understand the features and advantages of the high-speed door before putting your money down. 

It’s equally important to brush up on your knowledge of high-speed door maintenance for your Etobicoke business to extend their useful life and ensure that they are able to perform unhindered. 

High-Speed Food Grade Doors

The food industry has to maintain high standards of quality and hygiene at all times, especially during the manufacturing and packaging phase. 

At NEX, we offer food grade doors designed to perform in high-octane environments like industrial kitchens, packaging facilities, supermarkets and processing plants. These are water- and moisture-proof and can even maintain their integrity against the harshest disinfectants and cleaning agents. 

How much do high-speed doors cost? A sophisticated door that has enhanced speed and safety features can run anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 and need little in the way of maintenance and repairs. The ROI is within 3-4 years and pay for themselves for many years after.

High-Speed Freezer Doors

High-speed freezer doors bring a plethora of benefits to the facility. For instance, they offer energy and operational savings in food and beverage processing and cold storage. The doors greatly diffuse cooling costs by minimizing temperature variations. That way, your products won’t get spoiled due to constant temperature changes. 

Are high-speed freezer doors safe? Absolutely! You can even have your freezer door installed with an insulating curtain on the warm side to reduce condensation and icing. This translates into lower frost levels and no slipping hazards. 


High-Speed Aluminum Security Doors 

These doors are ideal to monitor the traffic that moves into and out of your facility. In this day and age, security is your topmost priority. Break-ins and theft can greatly impact your operations and set them back by weeks if not months. 

High-speed aluminum security doors are reinforced with the strongest materials in the market to give you optimal performance, with minimal repair costs.

How fast are high-speed aluminum security doors? There are no hinges, cables, pulleys or tension springs that may snap and affect the overall movement of traffic and workflow within the premises. These door speeds can be up to 55″ per second to open, and up to 30″ per second to close, increasing overall productivity with minimal temperature variance. 

High-Speed Parking Garage Rubber Doors 

Residential and office buildings witness high levels of traffic moving in and out at all times. These cannot function without secure and efficient parking. To maintain the efficiency of the critical aspects of a successful operation, parking garage doors are essential. These are architecturally sound and very easy to maintain. 

Their high opening and closing speeds deter unwanted visitors. 

Moreover, these are ultra-quiet, meaning they do not disturb the activities going on around them. Parking garage doors provide exceptional longevity, with minimal maintenance and attention.

High-Speed Pharmaceutical Doors

Much like the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical market also calls for high standards of safety, hygiene and quality during the manufacturing, processing and packaging phases. 

What are the benefits of pharmaceutical doors? High-speed pharmaceutical doors provide airtight sealing, prevent contaminants from ruining the workspace and are very easy to clean. Their sleek performance also contributes immensely to your energy-saving efforts. 

Apart from creating a well-regulated temperature-controlled environment that minimizes contamination, they also ensure that employees do not have to work in a place with drastic temperature fluctuations, thereby causing discomfort and loss of productivity. 

High-Speed Vinyl Doors

These are a great solution for quick access and are specially engineered to accommodate a high volume of foot and motor traffic in commercial, industrial and refrigerated applications. 

These highly reinforced doors are impact-resistant and hence, offer greater longevity in their operations. Even when impacted by a forklift, they snap right back into their tracks and resume operations. Your vinyl door can be engineered in a versatile range of configurations. 

Huge warehouses can benefit greatly from these products as they don’t have to rely on poor quality doors that translate into significant expenses during downtimes and service calls. 

High-Speed Doors Elevate Your Comfort and Savings!

If you are impressed after reading about the near-limitless benefits of high-speed doors, you’ll be so much more impressed by installing them and seeing these same benefits come to life before your eyes!

At NEX Industrial we offer reliable, durable and cost-effective solutions for all your needs. Don’t hesitate when the benefits are this big! 

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