When planning your loading dock, it’s important to invest in the right products. Your priority is to combine performance, safety and reliability. This is why premium quality loading dock equipment is important for your industrial premises in Toronto. This will ensure that your handling needs are taken care of, and you stay within your budget constraints – even well into the future. 

In this article, we aim to make your job much easier. We’ve compiled a list of the most important loading dock products to focus on so as to ensure optimal performance with little downtimes. The result? Productivity improves tenfold and takes your revenues along with it!

Dock Levelers

What is a dock leveller used for? Dock levellers close the height disparity and gap between the warehouse and the truck. This makes the process of loading/unloading goods so much easier. The platform can be adjusted to ensure smooth transitions and prevent forklift mishaps.

Hydraulic: Through a push-button activation, the attendant is able to control and deploy and park the leveller quite simply.

Mechanical: This involves a release-chain that must be manually pulled to lift the leveller from the stationary position and control the platform. It allows for a consistent ergonomic output that allows great accessibility to the trailer bed.

Door Seals

These are quality foam pads against which the trailer compresses when it backs against the dock bumper. Thus, a gasket-type seal around three sides of the trailer is created to ensure that a vacuum-like enclosure is formed. The main benefit is that sensitive goods are protected from the elements. That way, temperatures remain consistent and outside elements such as insects and dampness are kept out of the building. 

Rain Shrouds

Canadian summers are often plagued by unexpected rainstorms, not forgetting what our winters bring. To protect goods of a delicate nature, rain shrouds are an absolute must. These keep the weather out of the loading dock area. 

What are the benefits of rain shrouds?

Heavy-Duty Dock Doors

Nex Industrial offers heavy-duty dock doors that can withstand any challenge thrown their way. Regular steel doors can get damaged easily upon the slightest impact, which can cost you triple over the life expectancy of these rubber doors.

It’s time to turn to doors that can actually make a difference! These high-quality doors offer thermal protection, prevent air infiltration and also meet all shipping and safety protocols. 

These are created from reinforced rubber to afford long-lasting performance. Not only are our doors the most cost-effective solution, but they can also be configured to meet various sizes and specifications.

What is the standard size of a loading dock door? The most common size is 8’ wide x 10’ high.

Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle restraints are a primary component in the modern-day loading dock. They are responsible for locking trailers into position. Using signal lights both inside and outside of the building, with an automated control panel, vehicle restraints send the restraint status to the dock operator and truck driver when it is safe to move. 

Electric: This is an eco-friendly way of protecting your loading dock. The electrical restraint is wall-mounted and secures the truck’s trailer into place using an electro-mechanical rotating hook. 

Hydraulic: These restrict the truck from moving away from the loading dock prematurely as the electric models do. Hydraulic restraints use a combination-control panel and operate the restraint and dock leveller, with corresponding traffic lights, as well as other automated options.

Inflatable Shelters

Inflatable shelters are designed to hug the sides of a trailer by inflating against the top of the truck and inward against the sides, creating an insulated enclosure. When not in use, the units are kept deflated away from the trailer, prolonging their useful life. 

Improve the Productivity of Your Loading Dock!

NEX Industrial provides high-quality products for all types of loading platforms. You can increase performance and safety in a cost-effective manner by choosing to partner with our team. 

Whether you need to keep out insects and other contaminants from your loading dock or create an air-tight enclosure, or automate safety procedures, we’ve got you covered. 

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