With the colder season on the way, it’s time to ensure that your industrial facility can remain comfortable and equipment functional despite the shift in harsh weather conditions. Key considerations for the cold weather include entry and exit points in your facility, as the drop in temperature, along with anticipated precipitation can cause damage to products and downtime in operations. To get ahead of the cold, you can look into the installation of weather seals in industrial doors, along with preventative maintenance inspections to ensure optimal efficiency.

Keep reading to learn more about how NEX can help prepare your industrial facility for the colder season.

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Replace Weather Seals

Weather seals are essential in keeping unwanted elements and the effects of colder climate out of critical, climate-controlled areas in industrial settings. As the seasons change, your older seals may be worn out or missing, prompting the need for effective replacements that can better withstand increasingly harsh weather conditions.

At NEX, we offer a wide variety of seals that suit different types of doors and loading docks, ensuring the best fit for your operational requirements.

We can install weather seals on the following:

Install Truck Seals and Shelters

Loading bay and equipment safety is key to efficient transport of products, as well as the arrival of materials and components necessary to your facility’s operation and production process. The installation of truck seals and shelters help facilitate loading bay safety and energy efficiency, as these allow full access to the trailer-loads while sealing gaps between the building wall and the trailer.

This way, you can avoid compromising the quality of your facility, as well as your products and materials, by preventing contact with contaminants that cause potential damage. Additionally, truck seals and shelters also create energy saving, that damaged and missing seals cost companies every day in heat loss.

From NEX comes various types of truck seals and shelters, all designed to suit individual safety, quality, and energy-efficiency needs. These include:

Preventative Maintenance Inspections

Routine, preventative maintenance year-round is key to ensuring smooth operations, but the colder seasons are all the more reason to proactively schedule.

By conducting preventative maintenance inspections of your facility’s industrial doors, loading docks, seals, shelters, and other related equipment, you can ensure that you abide by ministry requirements for industrial facilities; keep your equipment lubricated, adjusted, and working as required despite the shift in seasons and harsh weather; reduce unexpected breakdowns leading to loss of productivity; and ensure the safety of both your employees and customers.

Trust Installation, Repair and Maintenance with NEX

As a leading industrial service provider in the GTA, NEX Industrial has established a reputation of providing customers with complete industry solutions that include the installation, repair, and preventative maintenance of commercial door systems and loading dock safety equipment, construction and security solutions.

NEX has a dedicated focus on customer service, led by qualified, industry-trained Technicians and staff, all to ensure that your trust and satisfaction are top priority.

Get ahead of the cold and prepare your industrial facility with NEX. From design to conception, and construction to satisfaction.  Call us at 1-866-400-2050 today!