If you are a business that involves shipping or receiving of any capacity, investing into a new loading dock would be beneficial to boost operational efficiency and safety. While smaller shipments can be loaded into cargo vans, large freight containers pose more of a struggle. Loading docks are the solution to assist with easy transition and load-movements, bridging the gap between the building and trailers, loading dock equipment is designed to improve shipping and logistics to successfully fast-track the process.

Keep reading to learn about the specific benefits of a new loading dock can bring to your business and how it will improve operations:

Safe Handling

Whether you’re using a forklift, electric walkie or hand pallet-truck, the most important aspect is that all are used safely and in a controlled environment. With loading dock equipment, the technology is designed around the safety of the operator. Many incidents happen because of human error and poor judgement which is why automated safety devices that accompany loading dock technology are so important.

With a variety of options for loading docks, it is important to choose one that suits your business needs and required sequence of operations the best. Traffic lights, sensors and photo-eyes ensure automatic communication between the truck driver of the trailer, internal operators and surrounding persons, so all are aware at that specific moment.

Easy to Use

Loading docks are simple to operate. With low maintenance requirements and the option for automated loading docks, there is a limited amount of room for error. You may opt for a one that works from a simple push button or a manual one that requires minor effort and more time to engage but is less costly.

Versatile Uses

Loading docks come in various sizes and capacities to handle almost any application. They can handle static loads over 100,000 pounds and they are structurally designed to withstand heavy traffic without caving under the pressure.

The dock levellers are compatible with the different trailer types and heights, allowing you to use one type of dock leveller for several means of delivery.

Invest in a new loading dock to improve operational efficiency in your business today! Contact our team to learn more about the products that are right for you.