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Winter is a costly time of the year for many business owners; with energy bills, operational costs and paid holidays, your facility’s costs are likely racking up very quickly. However, have you ever considered how the drastic change in temperatures might affect your business’ industrial doors?

As one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in your facility, we want to help you make sure that your employees stay safe and comfortable, while saving you money this season. Whether it be helping you service your high speed doors or maintain them, our team at Nex will be there for you within 4 hours of your initial call. Prevent your business from facing unnecessary downtime this season by ensuring that you catch these common industrial door problems early:

Seasonal Lubrication Issues

Unfortunately, the cold gusts of Winter will cause the metal components of your high speed doors to shift, collect debris, snow/ice and as a result, may prevent your industrial doors from opening at all. Like any well oiled machine, high speed doors require lubrication and cleaning in order for them to continue functioning properly.

With the temperatures dropping, existing grease that is used to ensure proper function of the doors rollers and tracks will harden or thicken, causing your business more harm than good. While too much grease is problematic year-round, it becomes a bigger issue when it is paired with the temperatures we face.

As a result, we recommend maintaining the lubrication of your high speed doors with the help of professionals. Our team at Nex will remove any aged or hardened grease/debris and replace it with a healthy portion of new lubrication to help extend the life of your facility’s industrial doors.

Increased Chances of Components Breaking

Unfortunately with the cold winter temperatures, unnecessary stress is added to this integral components of your high speed doors, that can cause major damage if not spotted immediately.

For your safety and the safety of your employees, please call a professional as soon as possible for inspection, repair and/or maintenance help.

Ineffective Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is designed to help keep your facility tightly sealed and energy efficient throughout the year. However in the Winter, when the snow melts, water is likely to pool near your high speed door and freeze over as temperatures drop, causing a slip & fall hazard.

In fact, if your weather stripping becomes firmly trapped in ice, it may be ripped off your high speed doors upon opening. As a result, we recommend that you regularly inspect your weather stripping and the area around it to ensure that you are maximizing on your insulation investment.

In addition to the seals, is making sure your door tracks are not warped or damaged. Such deformities can cause an improper seal around your door, as well as unnecessary stress to the motor or other components.

If you notice any abnormalities in the tracks of your high speed doors, be sure to reach out to a professional for help before the problem gets out of hand. By simply maintaining your high speed doors, you can save yourself the cost of a replacement and unnecessary downtime.

Combat Winter Problems With High Speed Door Maintenance

At Nex, we understand that unscheduled downtime can be costly for your business. That’s why we offer 24/7 service to ensure that we can safely and efficiently assist you with your repairs. No matter what time of the day (or night) it is, we’ll have a representative available to answer your calls; we’ll even dispatch a service technician to arrive on site within 4 hours of your initial call.

While our team at Nex is more than than happy to help with your urgent repairs, we always like to recommend that our clients schedule preventative maintenance inspections at least twice a year. Ensure that your employees are safe and that your business doesn’t suffer from unnecessary downtime and additional costs.

Whether your facility is in need of our repair services or simply want a maintenance inspection completed on your high speed doors, our team in Etobicoke would be happy to help. Get in touch with us at (866) 400-2050 to get started.