Pest infestations. 

Something you’ve had to put up with as an industrial or commercial facility owner. 

It’s time to find an affordable, efficient and high-quality solution to curb your pest problem once and for all.

When talking about rodent management and pest control, it is crucial to invest in the right pest control products, industrial doors products and loading dock equipment that can prevent pest intrusion on your property.

In this article, we walk you through the features, benefits and applications of the Xcluder Pest Control series. These products are increasingly popular across the GTA because of their effectiveness, durability and versatility. 

Energy-Saving Industrial Door Sweeps

Missing or damaged door sweeps are the most common entry point for mice, rats and pests. Xcluder Pest Control Door Sweeps are health and safety compliant and come with impenetrable fill fabric to guard against the entry of gnawing rodents and mice. The neoprene rubber and durable weather seal helps tremendously with energy savings.

An added perk; these products are extremely easy to install and are suited for all major common door sizes and types. 

Pest Control Dock Leveler Seals

As you know, rodents and pests can easily find their way in through unprotected dock levellers. This not only hinders operability, but also impedes employee productivity. 

It’s time to make your job 20x easier with Xcluder. 

The Xcluder Pest Control Dock Leveler Seals come with a heavy-duty Xcluder fill fabric that provides barrier protection from rodents and pests. 

The Xcluder Pest Control seals can be used in:

Like all the other products in this series, these seals cut down on wasted energy and astronomical utility costs, saving you a ton in the long run.

Pull Chain Loading Dock Equipment

Pull chain openings are often left unprotected and uncovered, making for an easy ladder passage for rats and mice to enter the loading dock area. 

The rodent and pest-proof Pull Chain Seals for Dock Levelers are assembled with a heavy solid cast aluminum which provides an impenetrable barrier and helps you save on where you would otherwise be spending on added pest control measures in your industrial premises. 

Pest Control Astragal Door Seals

How do you make your facility truly impenetrable? Try the Xcluder Pest Control Astragal Door Seals that offer a much stronger resistance to pests than regular seals do. 

Doors are the easiest entry point for rats, mice and pests. Astragal Door Seals are enforced with EPDM rubber to make them highly durable. These also offer fill fabric which doubles up as a formidable barrier for most pests.

Industrial Door Bottom Seals

Looking to go the extra mile and seal cracks at the bottom of an industrial door? 

Rats and pests only need a relatively tiny space to enter through any industrial or garage door. It becomes imperative that the doors are secured with the Xcluder Garage Door Bottom Seals which are manufactured with a layer of heavy-duty rubber and stainless-steel screens. The fill fabric provides reliable protection against any rodents, pests or mice as well as any foreign materials. 

Entry-Exit Door Bottom Seals

Doors require regular maintenance and safety regulations; why not do both with Xcluder Door Bottom Seals? These are manufactured with fill fabric that guarantees protection against rodents and mice and laminated with a resistant gasket, manufactured with black EPDM synthetic all-weather rubber. Also, you save on energy with these heavy-duty seals.

Commercial & Industrial Facility Owners: Make Your Premises Pest Proof!

Get superior pest control and energy savings with Xcluder.

Xcluder’s Pest Control Products can be used in any property and facility including storage and warehouse facilities, food distribution centres, grocery stores, schools, hospitals, restaurants, office buildings. 

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