Efficiency and safety are critical in warehouse and manufacturing plant settings, especially in busy and hazardous areas such as loading docks. Loading dock levelers play a crucial role in maintaining efficient operations serving as the gateway to your organization. They help prevent unexpected logistics breakdowns and ensure safety at the dock, which is essential for compliance with warehouse regulations. With the weather gradually getting warmer, investing in pest control options for your warehouse is highly recommended. Xcluder products such as the pest control dock leveler seals and door bottom seals are your most reliable and durable options. 

Why You Need Xcluder
The Xcluder Dock Seal features an aluminum retainer construction, a durable rubber seal with Xcluder fill fabric. It is easy to install and designed to prevent mice and other rodents from entering the building through the gaps between the dock leveler and the finished floor. These features make it ideal for food processing plants and warehouse facilities. Rodents can cause damage or contaminate products so preventing their entry is in your best interests. The seal is also replaceable in case of damage – it can be easily slid out of the track and a new one slide in. This is an environmentally friendly solution to keep rodents and pests off your loading dock. This slide-and-seal kit is an alternative to hazardous chemical pest controls and is ideal for industrial/commercial docks, food storage or processing warehouses, grocery stores, and pet stores.

These seals are made of neoprene rubber that has been tested by the USDA APHIS and features the trademarked Xclude fill composed of stainless steel mesh and heavy-duty poly fibers. In addition to being rodent-proof, the dock leveler seal is also weatherproof, helping to reduce energy bills by keeping cold and hot drafts at bay. The Xcluder is easy to install and fits most dock leveler sizes up to 8 ft. long. Improve your regulatory compliance and reduce maintenance costs with the Xcluder Door Bottom Seals. Standard door seals are ineffective against rodents and are often the main entry point for them. The Xcluder Door Seals use a patented fill fabric that creates a barrier that rodents cannot penetrate. This easy-to-install solution provides a durable outer gasket that creates a long-lasting and reliable weather seal. By preventing drafts, you can save money on heating and cooling expenses while also ensuring regulatory compliance for health and safety.

Why You Need A Dock Leveler
Dock levelers play a crucial role in improving safety and protecting cargo during loading and unloading operations. Since the height of the dock and the trucks can often differ, there is a risk of gaps forming between the two which can make it difficult and dangerous to load freight. Investing in dock levelers can help mitigate these risks for various reasons. Dock levelers are durable and capable of supporting heavy loads.They improve safety by only allowing installation in standardized dock height and design, ensuring restricted and fixed ranges that prevent accidents and maintain safety. They ensure a smooth transition between the docks and trucks, reducing the risk of serious injuries from accidents.

Levelers are designed to absorb shocks during loading and unloading, reducing damage to the equipment and cargo. Due to the composition of the material and the number of parts, levelers require relatively low maintenance. Dock levelers play a crucial role in improving safety and efficiency in loading docks. These equipment are essential when a building has a truck-level door, as they provide a ramp to bridge the distance between the dock and the truck. They have a metal plate, called a lip, which is raised from the dock and lowered onto the back of the truck.

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