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Ensure that your business runs smoothly this Winter despite what mother nature may have instore for us by scheduling a timely maintenance inspection for your business. Over time, industrial doors will develop wears and tears which can evolve into bigger issues if it is not promptly attended to. That’s why at Nex Industrial, we recommend that our clients get a preventative maintenance inspection performed on their industrial doors at least twice a year.

Curious to learn more about how our preventative maintenance programs can benefit you? Keep reading:

Eliminates Unscheduled Downtime

Something as simple as a damaged roller, hinge or endlock can cause your industrial doors to become misaligned and jam. Additionally, as the temperatures continue to drop, the remaining lubrication on your doors may not be enough to sustain itself. Luckily, with preventative maintenance inspections, you’ll be able to discover issues like these before they lead to bigger problems resulting in longer downtimes for your business.

Save yourself the hassle of having to replace an entire door in the middle of Winter and extend the life of your existing industrial doors by investing in preventative maintenance services. Our team at NEX will make sure that everything is properly lubricated, adjusted, and working as required so that your business does not have to experience a loss in productivity or any unscheduled downtime.

Meet The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) Mandate

Not only will a preventative maintenance inspection help you carry out your due diligence as an employer to keep your employees safe, it’ll also help you comply with our Government’s standards.

In Ontario, businesses are required by law to have their facilities equipment inspected at least once a year. At Nex, our preventative maintenance program will provide your business with an in-depth inspection of the facility and also highlight any areas of known concern to you. Upon completion of your inspection, we provide you with a comprehensive report and proof of inspection for recordkeeping purposes.

Helps Your Business Save Money In The Long-Haul

Another favourable advantage that’s associated with being aware of minor deficiencies before they evolve into larger problems is saving money. Increased reliability of your facility’s equipment and industrial doors will help reduce overall annual operational costs. Being proactive and maintaining your facility’s equipment will allow your business to dodge costly bills which come with big repairs and replacements.

Introduces You To Any Rebates Available

Having a preventative maintenance inspection done will help you recognize some of the needed upgrades your business can take advantage of. While implementing new infrastructure will be an investment upfront, you’ll be glad to know that Union Gas and Enbridge are offering rebates to help reduce those costs, on top of any savings you will receive from the energy efficiencies of new equipment; making your return on investment minimal and your employees & clients comfortable. So if you’re looking to improve your facility’s energy efficiency while saving on expenses, look no further.

Your industrial/commercial company may be eligible to receive thousands of dollars in rebates. Learn more about the available energy efficiency incentives/rebates for businesses on our website.

Don’t wait up! Schedule a preventative maintenance inspection for your industrial facility today to begin reaping the benefits. Simply give us a call at (866) 400-2050 to get started.