Why you should Invest in a New Loading Dock

If you are a business that involves shipping or receiving of any capacity, investing into a new loading dock would be beneficial to boost operational efficiency and safety. While smaller shipments can be loaded into cargo vans, large freight containers pose more of a struggle. Loading docks are the solution to assist with easy transition […]

Maintain Optimal Performance of Loading Dock Equipment

  Before you even purchase your loading dock equipment you have to ensure it’s going to support your needs and be properly installed as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Keeping dock levelers functioning well through to the life expectancy largely depends on initially considering the specific load capacities you have, number of shifts & trucks per […]

4 Common Causes of Loading Dock Accidents and How To Avoid Them

The loading dock is a high-traffic area filled with heavy machinery and is a fast paced environment.  There are a number of safety precautions you must take to ensure that all employees are safe while they’re in the loading dock area. In this post, the Nex team shares 4 of the most common reasons that accidents […]