Eligible GTA businesses can receive thousands of dollars in rebates.  Have you considered improving your facilities energy system? If you install, repair, or maintain existing infrastructure, you might be eligible! Learn about Union Gas and Enbridge rebates by reading our blog below! 7e2pe9wjl9m-riccardo-annandale

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Gas Rebates

Did you know that installing air barriers will help you save?  Air curtains work by delivering a controlled stream of air that separates the indoor and outdoor climate.  Because of this, they reduce infiltration from outside air, thus saving you on energy and the costs associated with heating.

When you install eligible air barriers, you will qualify for a rebate.  This rebate will be provided by your gas provider, via cheque paid directly to your company.  So not only are you saving money in the long run by saving on energy costs, but you are getting a cash incentive as well.  In addition to this, you will control the climate and employee/client comfort in your facility.

Need more incentives? NEX will help you understand and estimate your return on investment on any air barrier.

How Much am I Eligible for?

When you install an air barrier over your industrial doors, your rebate amount will be determined by the amount and size of the doors. Here are the up to date rebates for single and double pedestrian door installations:

Shipping and receiving doors are also eligible for rebates. Your rebate will be determined by the size of your door.

Unique, Customized Incentive Bonuses

With any energy saving upgrades you make to your business, you may receive a cash incentive for all of the gas your company saves. Your provider offers a unique incentive structure that determines how much your upgrades save, and decides on your rebate based on these calculations.  Each addition or upgrade can be eligible; Nex can help you to maximize your rebate.

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