Regardless of the season, high-speed commercial doors will help facility managers control internal and external conditions. We have expertly served clients in the GTA and surrounding areas to improve their productivity and process. 

Nex Industrial installs high-speed doors that improve operational efficiency all-year-round, optimizing your facility’s proficiency. 

Available Gas Rebates

By implementing energy-saving measures to your facility, like our high-speed fire-resistant doors, you can receive a cash incentive for the gas you save. We identify energy-savings opportunities in your facility that will evaluate the factors that spike up your energy bill. Our consultants will all submit the proper documentation to Enbridge on your behalf for free.

Nex Industrial can help save you $1,800 per door. High-speed doors are imperative in maintaining an optimal facility temperature setting. Why not take advantage of our Enbridge Rebates gas rebates to receive additional savings?

Types of High-Speed Doors

Fluctuations in seasonal weather and extreme drops in temperatures will not affect our high-speed, high-grade doors. 


Most commonly used in parking garages, auto dealerships and pharmaceutical plants, rubber doors provide optimal speed while saving energy. Installation is best suited in areas with minimal headspace. Operating at 30 inches per second, our rubber doors are reset from floor to ceiling without the use of additional tools.


Energy and cost-efficient, these doors optimize cooling efficiency. Freezer doors reduce maintenance, function at 60 inches per second and reduce unwanted air transfer during winter. Ideal for cold storage and distribution.


Specifically designed to aid pharmaceutical companies in operational and hygienic needs. This cGMP guideline compliant high-speed doors are self-repairing and automatically can reset on their tracks. Imperative in maintaining sanitary conditions throughout all facilities.


Impervious to harsh weather conditions such as snow and hail, vinyl doors are heavy duty and durable. Minimal installation as it has no hinges, cables, pulleys or counterbalance springs, vinyl is a viable option for automotive purposes. It is equipped with a full perimeter weather seal to eliminate air infiltration.

Food Grade:

Ideal for manufacturing and food-processing industries, it provides a door speed of 60 inches per second. It is 20 feet in width and height while maintaining a frame-mounted thru-beam sensor. 

Benefits of High-Speed Doors During the Winter

These are how high-speed doors can enhance your business:

Enhance Productivity: High-speed doors cycle times are 2.5 seconds compared to standard commercial doors that average 40 seconds. This significant difference improves the productivity factor, as the ‘waiting around’ time can be transformed into increased proficiency.

Energy Efficient: Faster door-closing times can reduce wasted energy. In the winter, unwanted air transfers that result from loading dock doors with slow average cycles can contribute to higher heating bills. Our high-speed doors better contain the energy produced, reducing your bills exponentially.

Comfortable Conditions: Harsh weather conditions should not be endured while working indoors. High-speed doors decrease the number of times that cold air rushes in the building, regulating internal temperature conditions. Employees should be able to work safely and comfortably throughout the winter months.

Preventative Maintenance in Optimizing Your High-Speed Doors

Constant Door Lubrication:

Proper high-speed door lubrication ensures that your facility’s doors to open and close without a hitch. Winter conditions such as ice and snow and gusts of wind will prevent doors from functioning at their appropriate efficiency. Nex will remove any debris caused by winter weather and replace it with the appropriate lubrication to maintain its optimal function.

Inspect Your Weather Stripping:

When the snow melts, the water will pool at the bottom of your door that can cause a slipping hazard. Inspecting your door tracks to ensure they are not damaged caused by insufficient seal around the perimeter can reduce the need for additional maintenance and unnecessary costs.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Facility During Winter – Install High-Speed Commercial Doors

Nex Industrial understands that each facility requires unique demands. Our highly-skilled technicians will work with facility managers at every stage of the installation process to ensure all of our customers get the maximum efficiency from their high-speed doors. 

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