Every time you open any of the doors in your facility, you are changing the temperature of the air and the comfort of those inside.  Beyond this issue, there are bugs, rodents, and birds that often find their way indoors.  To reduce and eliminate these concerns we recommend installing air barriers with your overhead doors in the GTA.  Keep reading to learn more about air barriers.

Why You Should Install Air Barriers This Spring

Keep out pests: An obvious fact about Spring is all those annoying pests come back, such as bugs, rodents, and birds.  Air barriers help to keep all kinds of pests out of your facility by creating an invisible barrier.  This is especially helpful if your day-to-day operations leave your overhead doors wide open for long periods of time, such as a loading dock and drive-in doors.

Keeps the cold air in: While it’s still a bit too early to turn up the AC just yet when the time comes air barriers will help to keep the cool air inside the building while keeping the hot air outside.  This will make a much more pleasant work area for you and your employees during those hot summer months.  This is especially true for high-traffic pedestrian doors.

Save money on air conditioning: Not only will your AC benefit from air barriers, your monthly energy bills will too.  This is because air barriers help to regulate the temperatures inside buildings, making it easier for your facility’s AC to keep the interior cool.  Enershield air barriers prevent up to 90% of air exchange, significantly reducing the costs of cooling the building.  Plus right now you can take advantage of rebates of up to $1,800 from your gas provider when you install air barriers for your facility and reducing your ROI to under 2 years.

Low maintenance: Air barriers don’t require a lot of maintenance, ensuring that your savings on cooling your facility won’t be spent on repairs.

Various models & customizable: Air barriers can be custom designed to fit your requirements, ensuring that you get the right product tailored to your specific, individual needs.  Our air barriers can also be applied to several different settings, including commercial and industrial.  These barriers are also beneficial for retail settings, such as pedestrian doors, drive-in doors, and shipping doors.

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