4Rolling grills are efficient and affordable security options for a large variety of environments, including storefronts and warehouses. Not only do rolling grills provide optimal protection from break-ins, but they are designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well, easily blending into the decor of your facility. Keep reading to learn more about rolling grills and the available options from NEX Industrial.

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Rolling Grills

NEX Industrial provides rolling grills available in different finishes, including a standard clear anodized aluminum and stainless steel. Rolling grills have several operating options as well, including manual operation, electric motor, hand crank, and chain hoist.

Types of Rolling Grills

Polyguard Rolling Grills: Polyguard rolling grills are the most versatile and are aesthetically pleasing. These grills are the perfect solution for spaces that need to keep hands out while continuing to provide a physical divide. The polyguard grills are made with flat aluminum vertical links, supported by horizontal rods and poly-sleeves, providing a very secure solution. The polyguard rolling grills also have the most customizable options, to suit an abundance of environments.

Stainless Steel Rolling Grills: The stainless steel rolling grills are designed to be versatile, tough, and visually appealing. Stainless steel provides extra strength and allows this type of closure to be used in a wider variety of settings, like exterior openings for example.  The grills are constructed of 0.100″ thick by 5/8″ wide by 3-3/4″ flat stainless steel vertical links, these links are supported by horizontal steel rods and are secured in place by 1/2″ diameter stainless steel sleeves.

Aluminum Rolling Grills: These rolling grills made from high-quality aluminum and are the most common type of rolling grill used, due to the versatility, being lightweight, the links can be arranged in a pattern of your choice.

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