Parking garages and underground parking lots provide a safe, space-saving area for your employees, tenants, and associates to park their vehicles. These areas not only provide a safe space but they also help control the flow of traffic around your facility. Making sure that the doors to your facility’s parking garage in a busy city, like Toronto, operate efficiently and are of high quality is essential to optimizing the flow of traffic.

At NEX Industrial, we provide overhead doors in GTA, such as our high-speed rubber doors, that are not only high quality but also very easy to use and maintain. Keep reading to learn more.

Industries that Would Benefit

Many businesses and condos need to have access to secure and efficient parking in order to function, but it’s more than just providing a place to park cars.  It’s maintaining traffic control, security, and efficiency is an important part of a running a successful parking area.  From residential apartments to corporate businesses, NEX Industrial provides high-quality parking garage doors for several different types of parking operations.

Whether involved in the design, administration or operation of parking facilities, maintaining security and complete control are critical aspects of a successful operation.  NEX Industrial’s high-speed rubber parking garage doors are perfect for parking garages in any setting. These doors are built for applications where security and high performance is a priority.

Overhead Parking Garage Door Features

These doors are designed for security, speed, and easy operation.  The superior construction and quality material, they do require cables, pulleys, nor a spring-system and are suitable for low-headroom applications.

The rubber overhead parking garage doors are suitable for openings of up to 20 feet in width or height, with speeds of up to 55 inches per second, these doors are fast but ensure both traffic control and safety.  

At NEX, we are dedicated to helping you find the right overhead doors that are built to your facility’s specifications.  Call NEX Industrial today at 1 866 400 2050 and speak with our overhead door experts.