Altra-Air Sailfin HVLS Fans

Altra-Air Sailfin HVLS fans blanket a very large area with constantly moving air to create an expansive comfort zone. As a result, this large ceiling fan can create an evaporative cooling effect of 3 to 4 degrees Celsius throughout the facility.
The Sailfin Advantage

Airfoils don’t change….That is unless you work with Envira-North Systems. Since 2003, we’ve continually searched, tested and modified airfoils to maximize their efficiency – solely for the purpose of moving large volumes of air at low speeds. Here’s what we’ve done:

Increased air speeds.
Reduced operating costs.
Decreased noise.
Streamlined appearance.



Sailfin represents everything users want in an HVLS Fan, it looks nice, moves a ton of air and consumes very little energy!

Incentives on
equipment to
improve energy



Diameter Fans


Varying Degree Angle of Attack


Warranty (Blades & Hub)



Sailfin Stats

Technical Specifications

  • Fans range from 8′ to 24′ in diameter.
  • 6MPH breeze.
  • Maximum 5.7A draw.
  • 264 CFM/Watt
  • Variable speed operation.
  • Minimal 2.5″ blade flex.
  • Up to 23° angle of attack.
  • Less torque.
Envira-North’s blade toppers prevent a rotor from failing in the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure of the hub or drive system. The collet-type friction drive bushing connecting the hub to the reducer shaft allows controlled slippage in the event of a seizure of the reducer mechanism, or a failure of the soft start feature in the control panel.
Altra-Air fans come with a lifetime warranty on the blades and hub. The motor, gear reducer and VFD control panel come with a three year limited warranty.