Sliding Grills


Fantastic for large, non-linear openings. Great solution for site conditions with limited headroom. Wide variety of product styles to suit your application.

Types of Sliding Grills available:
Classic Sliding Grills: The Classic style is the most economical and lightweight. This style of sliding grill is open and easily blends with any decor, providing unobtrusive protection. It’s fine lines and high visibility makes the Classic an effective traffic barrier, while maintaining a sense of open space. This option is a good choice for floor-to-ceiling area dividers in public spaces such as offices, hospitals, food courts, and lobbies.

Guardian Sliding Grills: This tough open style grill provides security while keeping the sense of open space. Hinge rods are completely concealed to protect them from vandalism and damage. The panels fold cleanly and positively, resulting in a smooth and easy to operate Grill. The open concept of the door doubles in decreasing the overall door weight and increasing operation ease. Guardian sliding grills are a great option for many areas, including food courts, schools, sports arenas, and public transit areas.

Series Sliding Grills: The Vista Grill models are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and are built to withstand high volume application. The Vista Grills durability comes from its strong aluminum framework. Unlike other types of sliding grills, Vista Grills are designed to keep even the smallest of fingers out. Our exclusive design of Vista grills run on 1-1/8” diameter twin rollers in tough overhead track. Vista grill curtains and lock posts are suspended with 5/16” diameter cold rolled steel hanger rods that will not deform over the lifetime of the grill.

Divider Sliding Grills: We offer two types of dividers: sliding sound doors and sliding fire doors. Sliding Sound door are ideal for large open areas requiring a sound divider. These doors are great for multi-functioning areas such as schools, community centers, conference centers, health facilities and corporate offices.
Fire doors are a viable solution to locations requiring emergency exits as per building code. Upon activation of an alarm system or smoke detector, the Sliding Fire door will automatically secure your desired opening. Sliding Fire doors are recommended for elevator lobbies, wide exits, fire rated corridors, and areas with a curved structure.