What better time to upgrade your facility’s equipment than the new year? With 2018 in full swing, you’ll want to consider upgrading or replacing your existing traditional overhead doors with safe and efficient high speed doors. As a proud carrier of brands such as TNR, our team at NEX is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help clients install, maintain, and service high speed doors in Etobicoke and surrounding areas.

In our previous blog, we highlighted 3 types of high speed doors that your facility can benefit from, including high speed food grade doors, freezer doors and pharmaceutical doors. Here, we’ll be outlining 3 types of high speed doors (specifically from TNR) that will help your facility improve productivity while decreasing downtime and operational costs. To learn more about the TNR branded high speed doors that NEX carries, keep reading:

High Speed Aluminum Security Doors (TNR)

Not only do TNR’s high speed aluminum security doors offer speed, security, and energy-saving insulation, these also provide superior aesthetics that suit your facility’s overall design.

Opening at speeds of up to 55” per second and closing at 30” per second, high speed aluminum security doors offer the speed of a vinyl door and the security of a metal section door without all the hinges, cables, pulleys and tension springs. Lined with aluminum on the outside and PVC on the inside, high speed aluminum security doors are insulated with polyurethane filled profile slats to ensure that your facility stays as energy-efficient as possible.

High speed aluminum security doors are great for application in condominium parking, automobile dealerships, private parking entrances, and high volume warehouse applications.

High Speed Rubber Doors (TNR)

TNR’s high speed rubber doors combine durability with high performance drive systems to help meet the demands of industrial and commercial facilities. Featuring impressive door speeds of up to 60” per section and a counterbalance spring assembly cycle rating of 100,000, TNR’s rubber doors will work to safely control high-traffic areas in your facility while keeping harsh environments (such as dirt, dust, rain, snow, and wind) out.

Suitable for applications up to 20 feet in width or height, high speed rubber doors have proven efficient in manufacturing/food processing facilities, automotive facilities, bus transit stations, parking garages, postal outlets, airports, and railways. High speed rubber doors such as TNR’s also come equipped with a self-supporting steel mounting angle and a knock-away double angle steel bottom bar for 10lb/ft with rubber loop and reversing edge.

High Speed Vinyl Doors (TNR)

Designed to deliver unparalleled performance in high-traffic areas, TNR’s high speed vinyl doors help facilities maintain climate control while flawlessly keeping out weather-related elements and hazards. As a cost-effective alternative to more expensive high speed doors, vinyl doors operate at speeds up to 60” per second, allowing your facility to save time and money in the long run. Whether your facility is in need of a vinyl door for freezer or pharmaceutical areas, you’ll be glad to know that NEX carries various models to ensure that your specific needs are met.

With a wide range of products and equipment from reputable suppliers on hand, our team at NEX will help you find the most suitable high speed doors for your facility. As an added bonus, you could be eligible for rebates should you choose to invest in energy-efficient products (such as high speed doors) this new year. To learn more about these incentives and potential savings, visit our website.

Are you due to replace your high speed doors but not sure which type best suits your facility? Our team at NEX has the knowledge and experience to help you decide. Give us a call at 1-866-400-2050 to discuss your options.