When you’re getting ready to close up shop for the day, you want to know that while you’re away your property and everything within it stay safe and secure.  One way to ensure this is with sliding grilles security gates.  At NEX we don’t take security lightly and all of our sliding grill products will not only keep your property safe, but are simple to install and easy to use as well. 

Sliding grills are essentially structured gates that can be pulled out of slot to create a barrier; these gates are most commonly seen in shopping malls to secure store openings, but can be used in several different settings. The sliding grills are designed for security and are made to keep even the smallest hands on the other side of the grill.

The sliding grills not only provide security for your property but also include some unique features to maximize usability as well.  This makes them very easy for you and your employees to use when opening and closing for the day.  

The unique locking post features aluminum locking knobs, ratchet lock mechanism and oversized key heads for ease of operation.  The track is heavier where the roller connects, reducing wear and tear.  NEX offers 4 different variations of the sliding grill security options in Etobicoke.  Keep reading to learn more.

Classic Sliding Grills

The Classic style of a sliding grill is the lightest in weight and the most economical option.  This style has open slats, but equally secure.  It easily blends in with any type of decor to provide protection without being an eyesore.  If you’re looking for an effective traffic barrier, but still want to maintain a sense of open space, the classic style sliding grill is ideal for you.

This option is a good choice for floor-to-ceiling area dividers such as:

Guardian Sliding Grills

This style of the sliding grill is tough enough to provide the security your business needs, while keeping the sense of open space.  The hinge rods are concealed from the public when not in use in order to protect them from damage or vandalism.  The panels can be folded easily in and out of sight, resulting in a smooth and easy operation.  The open concept of the grills decreases the overall weight of the door and makes operation easier.

Guardian sliding grills are a great option for many areas, including

Vista Series Sliding Grills

The Vista style grill is durable, visually pleasing, and built to withstand high volume applications. The Vista grill’s durability is due to the strong aluminum framework.  These sliding grills are designed and manufactured to keep even the tiniest objects/ fingers out of your space.  The Vista grill sliding curtains and lock posts are suspended using multiple rolled steel hanger rods.  Due to the strength of the steel, the rods won’t lose shape over the grill’s lifespan.

The Vista sliding grills are ideal for:

Divider Sliding Grills

We offer two types of dividers: sliding sound doors and sliding fire doors.  

Sliding Sound Doors: Sliding sound doors are the best choice for large, open areas that require a sound barrier.  These doors are great for multi-functioning areas such as:

Sliding Fire Doors: Sliding fire doors are an ideal solution to facilities that require emergency exits to comply with the building code.  When activated by a smoke detector or an alarm system, these doors automatically close to secure the desired area. Sliding Fire doors are recommended for:

Looking to install sliding grills to enhance your security? Let’s discuss your options! Give NEX Industrial a call at 1- 866-400-2050 and set up an appointment today!