It is around the corner, and with it comes many challenges that can impede your industrial operations. This can make for an uncomfortable experience for employees in the building, as well as the building itself, as plummeting temperatures may compromise its integrity. 

Take advantage of our high-quality winter product catalogue and the Enbridge energy rebates that are available now.

At NEX Industrial, we provide industrial high-speed doors, anti-slip covers, HVLS fans, loading dock equipment, air curtains and there’s so much more that you can benefit from, with the fastest ROIs to date. We are a proud Toronto-based company, servicing the GTA and Southern Ontario, offering complete turnkey solutions for a variety of commercial and industrial products and services. 

It’s the perfect time to take advantage of our Enbridge industrial gas rebates in the GTA. Below, we’ll explore the products you should have in your arsenal to tackle the winter head-on. 

Anti-Slip Covers

What are the benefits of slip-resistant covers? Safeguard® Anti-slip covers provide your stairs, walkways and ladder-rungs the traction they need to prevent accidental slips and falls within your industrial premises. They perform perfectly in all weather conditions, withstand salts, chemicals, and abuse for years and years.

Rebates Available for High-Speed Doors

High-speed doors are an excellent investment in the winter (and all-year-round!). These are mainly used in industrial applications to optimize efficiency, climate, and production flow. 

Designed and engineered to perform in locations where the operational demands are high, these doors also serve to separate critical areas from the rest of the premises. 

You can also take advantage of Enbridge Rebates in addition to the savings and return on investment you will receive from the speed and efficiency.

Rebates Available for Air-Curtains

You can install energy-saving air-curtains on your industrial doors, pedestrian door or any outside entrance/exit door and claim valuable rebates.

For example, you can receive up to $300.00 per single door measuring 7’ x 3’. For larger doors you can receive up to $500.00 per single 8’ x 6’ door.  

You can also receive more rebates for double pedestrian and shipping doors, for both Dock-In and Drive-In applications. Example; a 10’ x 10’ shipping door can receive anywhere up to $1800.00 – $4000.00 per door in the form of a direct rebate payment (not a credit). 

These rebates are too good to not take advantage of. 

Rebates for HVLS Fans

A high-volume low-speed ceiling fan (HVLS fan) uses its size, rather than its speed, to move significant amounts of air, unlike smaller fans that create turbulent air streams that quickly dissipate and burn lots of power/$$. 

These fans are not only made for large spaces and facilities, they have evolved in their capabilities and technology to assist spaces both large and small. 

You can now find them in a wide variety of industrial, commercial, retail and residential spaces. You can also combine their usage with your facility’s HVAC systems to save on energy and contribute to renewable, eco-friendly initiatives. 

A 20-foot or 24-foot HVLS fan can land you up to $1000.00 per unit installed. To be eligible, your space must be heated by a ceiling-mounted natural gas air system; we work directly with Enbridge Gas and can take care of all the details on your behalf.

The Benefits of Rebate Programs

There are many benefits and advantages to these energy rebates…

Enbridges’ quick and easy application will allow you greater access to new and increased dollar incentives that save you on the initial equipment costs. 

You will also be able to drastically reduce your operational costs immediately and monthly energy bills. 

We at NEX Industrial take care of all the details with Enbridge on your behalf, making the process seamless for you.

This new equipment can also lead to a healthier and safer work environment and better productivity in your facility.    

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