Are Your High-Speed Doors Ready to Survive the Winter at its Worst?


The high-speed doors in your commercial or industrial facility do so much more than just sit pretty. They take on tasks of immense significance in that they slash energy costs, withstand temperamental weather conditions and elevate efficiency levels. High-speed door maintenance in Toronto is critical to safeguarding your equipment and ensuring uninterrupted operations.   Maintaining […]

The Secret to Keeping Snow, Rain and Drafts Out of Your Commercial Facility This Winter


As the owner of a commercial facility, bad weather is definitely a cause for concern. If snow, rainwater or winds enter the premises, they could do significant damage to your machinery and create an uncomfortable work environment for your staff. Weather seal installations on industrial doors are an effective way to prevent the elements from […]

4 Common Causes of Loading Dock Accidents and How To Avoid Them

The loading dock is a high-traffic area filled with heavy machinery and is a fast paced environment.  There are a number of safety precautions you must take to ensure that all employees are safe while they’re in the loading dock area. In this post, the Nex team shares 4 of the most common reasons that accidents […]

How Your Business Can Benefit From High Speed Doors

When you’re dreaming up designs to make your business more efficient, door quality and functionality is often overlooked.  While installing new high speed doors may not elicit the same reaction as a new high-tech computer system or piece of gadgetry, they’re arguably the most important piece of equipment in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, car […]

Guidelines to Properly Plan Your Loading Dock Area

With the weather warming up, now is the time to start those renovation and industrial construction projects you may have been putting off.  Loading dock’ pits, for example, are better built during warmer seasons since they leave the inside environment susceptible to potentially unsavoury temperature changes and making sure the fresh concrete can sustain the […]

How Air Barriers Help Boost Comfort and Profitability in the Workplace

What is the purpose of Air Barriers in industrial, retail, and commercial settings? Enershield Air Barriers are often used to improve the air quality, by maintaining the temperature indoors. Air Barriers help improve the energy efficiency in a working area, saving you money on your monthly utility bills, plus greatly improve employee comfort. Get an […]

5 Benefits of Installing Industrial Bug Screens in Etobicoke

Now that the weather has warmed up, insects are starting to come out of hiding. The start of Summer is when you are most likely to experience pest infestations, which could be disastrous in a workplace.  Besides being an obvious nuisance, certain bugs and pests may pose health and safety risks to you, your employees, […]

Fire Doors 101: Safety, Installation, and Usage Tips from NEX

Fire doors can be an essential safety measure for your business, and for many companies, they are compulsory for specific protection and insurance requirements. In this post, the NEX team shares some fire door insights and safety tips to inform and expand your company’s compliance efforts. WHY FIRE DOORS? If an accidental fire were to […]